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Underworld Dreams - Opponent takes 1 damage per draw
Megrim - Opponents takes 2 damage per discard
Storm Seeker - Opponent takes 1 damage per card in hand
Sudden Impact - same as Storm Seeker
Multani, Maro-Sorcerer - creature who's power and toughness = number of cards in all players hands
Black Vise - deals damage to an opponent at the begining of their upkeep for each card over 4 in their hand
...and the list could go on for pages

Overall not a bad card, it just requires you to think a bit...which is hard for some people.
Posted By: Kurhan (12/29/2009 12:53:15 AM)


Huh. I just noticed that the art is a bunch of Hussars flying through the air.

Apparently it's the Ravnican equivalent of a bi-plane trailing an advertisement behind it.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/10/2011 10:08:52 PM)


The forecast isnt bad, but howling mine and variants outclass it.
Prosperity 5-8 can't hurt though. Think Hive Mind in big multiplayer for an epic draw out!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/19/2010 7:32:17 PM)


Frankly, I like Prosperity more, but remember EDH, folks. This card has pulled me out of mana screw where Prosperity would have just been suck.
Posted By: Ratoly (1/31/2011 1:10:26 PM)


Try it in Archenemy. A great way to give your team some extra draw with plenty to counter what the Archenemy draws.
Posted By: Singe (7/17/2012 10:21:12 PM)


@SavageBrain: In draw-pain decks. This card looks as if it could be insanely effective combined with Underworld Dreams and Megrim-based decks. Could also be played with Words Of War to do silly amounts of damage.

It's players like you (that's not an insult, it's gratitude) that make draw-pain decks so effective - no one in their right mind would want to stop their opponent putting the spells they want into their hand, it's just stupid right? Well, yes, until you're taking 10+ damage per turn (no joke) for the privilege. This card may well sneak its way into my draw-pain deck...
Posted By: grundledib (10/16/2009 10:50:43 AM)


Since when do players pay X mana to draw cards not just for themselves but also for the opponent? Since when do players pay three mana to draw a card for themselves and the opponent!?
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/2/2009 11:06:24 PM)


This card simply needs to be comboed with to be playable. EXCEPT in, say, star, two-headed giant, or any other multiplayer format. Now is its playablilty clear?
Posted By: Selez (11/5/2009 9:06:56 PM)


I prefer mind spring, which is one sided. for those of you mentioning combos, prosperity is good as mentioned by ratoly
Posted By: catowner (7/17/2010 11:50:14 AM)


the art is so cool
Posted By: MasturbatorDebater (7/29/2010 10:45:07 AM)


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