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Anyone notice the subtle changes to this card's flavor text over the years? the 'now' at the end is italicized and punctuated with an exclamation point. In 10th edition, the 'now' isn't italicized but it's still got the exclamation point. Now in M11, the italicized 'now' is still absent, and it has a period instead of an exclamation point.

It's like Alovnek is getting tired of repeating that line over and over for each new edition of his spell.
Posted By: Troutz (11/10/2010 9:35:24 PM)


Those Boros guys are always so impatient.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/9/2011 7:55:19 PM)


@Hunter06: It's almost strictly better in EDH, since it can ruin the chances of easily casting commanders again. Swords to Plowshares will still send commanders back to the Commander Zone.
Posted By: ProsperoNight (9/1/2013 3:22:45 AM)



Posted By: zekes (6/15/2011 5:08:57 PM)


Its ok, I'd prefer Swords to Plowshares but this can be almost as good in EDH
Posted By: Hunter06 (11/18/2012 3:43:52 PM)


I prefer this to Path, mainly because giving out free lands is a recipe for game loss in such a fast environment as exists now. They're not very likely to get their creature back from this either, and even if they do, they have to cast it again, and if it's beefy and they used all their Black Loti or Pentad Prisms or whatever kids are into these days to summon the first, this could be very tricky for them. Love the flavour text too.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/19/2010 11:27:21 AM)


LOL At Troutz. Great Card No Doubt I Prefer Path In Most Decks But Not All The Time I Dont Like Playing The Same Card In Evry Deck It Gets Super Old And Very Boring. So Having This And STP As Well Is Great. : ) Plus I Got The Textless Version And It's Wicked
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/8/2011 3:12:44 PM)