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Um yes. They're two different words. Discreet means unobtrusive or unnoticed, which is obviously the meaning behind the card. Discrete, while still spelled right, means a separate entity, and that meaning just doesn't make sense.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/24/2009 7:00:57 PM)


Yea, unless it says otherwise, activated abilities are played as instants. So it would be really stupid to try to Disenchant this.

I guess the way this is supposed to work is that if you have nothing else to cast on the third turn, but your opponent doesn't have anything to kill, you can just drop it and not worry about leaving mana open for a removal spell later on. Though in that case your opponent will probably try to trick you into wasting it on a lesser creature before he brings out his main threats. I can't imagine that this would be played as anything but a sorcery-speed Dark Banishing in 99% of cases.

Edit: I must now eat my words with the release of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/12/2010 8:59:24 AM)


The big advantage of this card is that it's what Anthony Alongi used to call a "rattlesnake card", in that it discourages other players from attacking or using a creature's activated abilities against you. In a multiplayer game, where preventing attacks from even happening in the first place is crucial, this can keep a lot of heat off of you.
Posted By: Weary_PSI (10/25/2010 5:36:12 PM)


Arf, arf!!

"Did you hear something, honey?"
Posted By: WilloftheLisp (6/24/2011 4:44:52 PM)


Interesting art fact: If you check the art for the original Nemesis version of Seal of Doom, the seal design is the same as it is on this one despite the form of the seal (little tablet vs. this thing) being remarkably different.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/5/2013 5:03:14 AM)


A great card, works as a deterrant, opens up your hand so that you can keep other cards in it, while still retaining instant speed removal, nails Emrakul and the like, and on top of it all it can be abused with Sun Titan. What's not to like?
Posted By: Mister_Bock_Bagock (11/26/2010 8:46:58 PM)


I liked the black and red Seals in Dissension because they're obviously for Rakdos, to drop cards from your hand for hellbent. You keep your Shock and Dark Banishing on the battlefield instead of hand.
Posted By: Dream_Spinner (8/24/2011 9:36:06 AM)


The flavor text writer made an error and put "discrete" when it should have been "discreet."
Posted By: iandustrial (4/19/2009 10:13:52 AM)


I dunno, it makes sense the way the author wrote it. Szadek is the kinda guy that doesn't wanna be seen in the public I so he'd want to be both Discreet and Discrete. So the way the author put it, you don't need to take an active role in killing the creature, which is exactly what this card does because you don't need to conserve the mana waiting for an instant kill spell.

Posted By: JL_Weber (1/12/2010 7:12:06 PM)


Um no, "discrete" is the correct spelling.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (11/5/2009 10:01:39 PM)


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