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You can pay 1 once for every copy you have in play, like the old Soul Net and Ivory Cup
Posted By: Ryosuke001 (12/28/2009 11:03:20 AM)


With 2011, Leyline of Punishment is the new red Leyline. Which is better, that or this?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (7/5/2010 1:11:05 AM)


A good bloodthirst enabler.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (7/31/2009 11:12:14 PM)


I prefer Cinder Pyromancer.
Posted By: littlebeast (11/23/2009 10:11:15 PM)


It says you can pay the 1 once per spell, but what if you have multiple Leyline of Lightnings in play?
Posted By: samsael (12/13/2009 12:41:57 AM)


You called the wrong wizards. Or did it in your sleep...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/11/2010 7:11:02 PM)


I believe that you can only pay 1 colorless mana per spell, The question that I have is, can you play a card that has replicate such as Train of Thought and then pay an additional colorless mana for each time the spell was replicated?
Posted By: KevinFromHeaven (8/29/2010 8:40:04 PM)


You guys have this card all wrong. I thought you could only pay 1 mana per spell too. Then I called Wizards and they told me that ALL open mana can be used each time a spell is played triggering this ability, that right ALL the rest of your mana... 1 damage each. That is why this card is rare. Absolutely devistating.
Posted By: tommybthe1 (5/31/2010 1:36:06 AM)


The worst leyline even worse then Leyline of the Meek... Target player only?

What is it with Wizards hosing so many cards that could have been great...

Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (12/16/2010 3:48:25 PM)


Tommybthe1: read the spells details. You can only pay it once per spell.

That said, a useful card nonetheless.
Posted By: RichardJesperson (8/10/2010 5:41:47 PM)


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