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Hey it's like Glorious Anthem but worse in every way. I guess it can be used as an instant, but eh.
Posted By: Elysiume (6/30/2009 8:48:59 PM)


IMO the worst of the magemarks.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (1/10/2010 7:08:05 PM)


Just as there is a rock in every bird's nest, there is always a piece of junk among cycles.
This one isn't that bad of a runt though.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/22/2010 6:17:21 PM)


How did they screw this entry in this cycle up THIS badly?
Did they forget that all the other magemarks grant ALL of your enchanted creatures something (other than the +1/+1)?

Reeks of playtesting removing that ability from this card.
Posted By: reapersaurus (5/6/2011 2:20:21 PM)


if it gave all of your out of play auras flash it would probably be rated higher and be the 2nd or 3rd best magemark sadly... it doesn't...
Posted By: __Silence__ (2/5/2011 1:16:55 PM)


magemarks should at least give some nice effects, the blue one gives evasion, the black returns critters, but this has just little pump and flash, too bad
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (3/31/2011 10:39:51 AM)


Should have given all your enchanted creatures vigilance or something.
Posted By: scarecrowk (6/30/2011 2:34:14 AM)



Looks like they were counting on the flash being worth the same as granting all of your enchanted creatures something. It does allow for some minor combat trickery, but IMO not enough to make it worth it. I'd rather have something like lifelink or protection from something.
Posted By: nemokara (10/21/2012 1:01:47 AM)


I think it would be better if it offered maybe +1/+2 or even just +0/+2 in place of the +1/+1. better than it being the small buff with flash that it is.
Posted By: Bubmeister (11/25/2012 8:07:29 PM)


FOr once, white is getting screwed in a cycle, good to see. This is horrible.
Posted By: Sironos (12/19/2010 10:36:55 AM)


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