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Splash green for just two in your any color/strategy deck, what does that deck now have?
Immunity to any mill but the Raven Guild Master variety. (Traumatize no longer fazes you, and you start rooting against seeing lands when you get hit with a Mind Funeral)
The capacity to win wars of attrition where you and and the opponent can't touch one another and they've got nothing like this.
An occasional but always welcome ability to shuffle destroyed permanents and countered spells back into your deck.
If you're lucky, the early-game disruption to get big creatures out of necromancer's hands before they can cast exhume, necromancy, or unearth and swing with their new 7/7 Thraximundar that they buried alive last turn.
Card draw in a pinch.
And a classically named and illustrated card.
Six stars out of five from me.
Posted By: Fictionarious (3/17/2010 9:27:58 PM)


Great card, and people should play at least 2 copies of this to ensure Milling Immunity. If you draw both, use the first, and then use the second to shuffle the first into your library. All for four mana, while you draw 2 cards :P
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/27/2009 1:14:39 AM)


Ponder + Memory Sluice (Or any potential self-milling) + this.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (7/31/2009 7:05:35 AM)


Awesome, reminds me of Wheel of Sun and Moon.
Posted By: mrredhatter (3/22/2010 5:21:06 PM)


This card two basic purposes; it allows you to avoid being milled and allows you to get some cards back from your graveyard. Plus, it replaces itself. However, quite a few times two of those with Futuresight and Time Walk allowed me to win games without my basic combos and was a lifesaver... in some occasions, you may even want to screw a graveyard themed deck by returning key cards into the player's library and still draw a card or you can get back a few cards to your partner if you play in team... all this for two! Not exactly a broken card, but a pretty good jack of all trades... Not to mention combos with Oath of Druids to abuse the second ability...
Posted By: Olliemancer (12/26/2009 7:21:03 PM)


Gaea's Blessing,time warp,Oath of Druids, take this as a base for your deck and have fun, maybe adding exploration,horn of greed,gush, there are ways, this is only a completely illegal one butttt extremely fun .
Posted By: Locura (3/22/2010 9:45:34 PM)


This is the best anti-milling card ever.
Posted By: Mikolash (11/7/2009 1:40:33 PM)


I've seen an awesome deck that utilizes this, Serra Avatar (as the only creature), Oath of Druids, and the Conditional Recurring Dragon Auras from Scourge. Mill through your deck with Oath of Druids for the Avatar, the Auras come out of your graveyard attached to the Avatar, and the Blessing puts everything back in, so you don't kill yourself on the forced drawing deal. Very smooth...especially with lots of lifegain in the beginning of the deck's run.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/2/2009 7:57:17 PM)


Thank you Wizards, for printing another card that renders the "Mill" strategy completely impractical. Not that the strategy was anywhere near playable to begin with, but now it's been stamped with "FAIL" on its forehead. So much hate. - SparkleTiger

Yes, because cards like this one force mill players to *gasp* actually THINK when building their decks and playing them, and we all know how THINKING ruins this game, right?
Posted By: Bulhakas (7/22/2011 4:47:59 PM)


Mesmeric Orb
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/22/2010 12:34:52 PM)


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