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Each Time Spiral card was an homage to at least one previously printed card.

The card references Icatian Town; this spellshaper turns any card in your hand into half of one for a third of the cost! Icatia was the seat of human civilization on the continent of Sarpadia during the events of Fallen Empires; warring factions from each color as well as the encroaching Ice Age led to the fall of Icatia and all of the other Sarpadian Empires.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (12/9/2012 10:36:47 PM)



No, citizen tokens are just citizens. They aren't human or anything else, just citizens. I know, it makes no sense.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (5/15/2012 10:14:21 PM)


Turn every card in your hand into a Raise the Alarm. Gives you options, which is important, especially in the later game when you'll be drawing useless early game cards.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/6/2010 7:43:33 PM)


A human that can pitch Dearly Departed. Awesome.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (9/1/2011 4:57:25 AM)


So, uh, what's the difference between Citizens and Townsfolks?
Posted By: Jdrawer (7/23/2013 7:27:49 PM)


What do you have against redheads Hydrogoose? I think this card isn't that bad, discard a land to get two 1/1 creatures.
Posted By: themicronaut (7/18/2009 5:27:49 PM)


Not the best of cards, but it'll shine in the late game.

Like Krovikan sorcerer, it does wonders with madness style decks.
Posted By: Shiizu (11/26/2009 8:06:10 AM)


I love the flavor of this card so much
Posted By: RazzmatazzTheGreat (10/30/2010 8:22:21 PM)


Hairless Thoctar, you mean one-third of the price.
Posted By: Shiny_Umbreon (11/6/2010 2:47:03 PM)



I suppose you don't like Healing Leaves either?
Posted By: NARFNra (11/10/2010 5:47:34 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!