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Could you use Conspiracy and call Elf, then use Nissa Revane's "all elf" ability to pull all creatures from your library into play?
Posted By: JanusRaine (12/17/2009 6:03:08 PM)


Posted By: NZtheGingerNinja (4/7/2013 6:22:04 PM)


Wirewood Hivemaster doesn't work. Although you can make the token an elf, it will still be a token, and you need a non-token elf to come in. Still, very interesting card.
Posted By: djflo (12/1/2010 3:37:25 AM)


@LordRandomness: As glorious as I think your combo may be, switch out the Bazaar Trader for Donate or Puca's Mischief.
Posted By: TheManakinTransfer (8/17/2012 1:09:10 PM)


Will this affect creature cards I own that aren't on the battlefield, such as my tradefolder? I wanna name Bringer and use Spawnspire of Ulamog to drop them all for cheaps.
Posted By: Fox_Murdoch (1/30/2011 2:01:24 AM)


Hm, this + huge mana ramp + Spawnsire + 2 Bogardan Hellkites and 1 Magister Sphinx in the sideboard?

How's that for a win condition?
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (1/31/2011 10:41:32 AM)


No one's mentioned Coat of Arms yet? Sure, it affects your opponents' creatures as well, but at this point, particularly if you've planned for it, you're in a far better position they are.
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (3/26/2011 8:57:39 PM)


I believe the point of this card was to make mercenaries not suck (by allowing you to tutor up good creatures with the mercenaries). Well that didn't quite work but at least we got a cool card out of the deal.
Posted By: Saikuba (5/15/2012 1:56:57 PM)


How about Rebel? Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

Edit: Better idea. Use Moggcatcher, Seahunter, or Skyshroud Poacher to take any creature from your deck directly into play for a flat 3 colorless.
Posted By: UncreativeNameMaker (6/15/2012 2:35:34 AM)


Thinking about putting some Eldrazi into my zombie deck with this. Rooftop Storm, here I come!
Posted By: kor6sic6 (11/14/2012 1:19:22 PM)


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