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Thanks Wizards for basically showing how much Odyssey chase rares had aged by reprinting them in Timespiral (this, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Mirari).

This was once THE chase rare in standard.
Posted By: Gishra (11/10/2010 5:11:55 PM)


The XX at the start of the name is only on the (Gatherer's) Time Spiral version of this card and Valor. The original versions don't have that, and neather do any other card with a tombstone. It's obviosly a quirk of how they were entered in to the Gatherer database.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/5/2010 12:34:31 AM)


@Gishra they have aged but now we can get them for dirt cheap :D and they still wreck house in the casual department , I just picked up 4 of these bad boys, 4 shadowmage and 4 mystic enforcer for $12.00...I love odyssey! Best set ever!
Posted By: TheDonMega (11/16/2010 7:13:46 PM)


"pretty good card, i like the flashback ability. I still gotta ask, why did they make this card if they already had Elephant Ambush?"

You'd be satisfied to play with Elephant Ambush? I like the picture, but eight mana to flash it back is ridiculous.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/21/2011 6:56:30 PM)


"Double Elephant" is indeed a good card to have in a mono-green deck, especially the kind that runs out of cards at some point because it's getting them out so fast. A 3/3 for 2G isn't bad and can help you keep pace, but the surprise 3/3 late in the game, or just a turn later, can cover those holes in your mana curve if you don't have a decent 4-drop in your hand on turn 3-4. A neat card with the bonus of creating two creatures that can benefit from Muraganda Petroglyphs.
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/26/2009 1:26:00 PM)


A testament to power creep when this card can be seen a subpar in comparison to the green cards being printed today.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (11/7/2009 4:20:08 PM)


Wish they would still to the tombstone thing, if only to make the old Tombstone cards useful.
Posted By: boneclub (6/18/2010 6:40:21 PM)


Decent card. What the heck does the XX mean, and why is it listed in the card name?
Posted By: ohthecommotion (1/9/2010 5:57:43 PM)


If you are asking about the tombstone in the card name, they put that symbol on cards with flashback so when you look through your graveyard you can easily identify them.
Posted By: RickT (2/10/2010 10:10:44 PM)


And other cards that are important in the grave, like wonder or genesis
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 9:33:40 PM)