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Card of the Day - Monday, April 14, 2008
Serrated ArrowsHomelands uncommon. At the first Pro Tour in New York, the format was "Standard, New York Style," which meant that each deck had to include at least five cards from every legal set in the Standard format of the time. This included the most recent set, Homelands, which was short on powerful cards—leading many deck designers to include this creature-weakening artifact.
Posted By: liir007 (8/10/2009 10:21:05 PM)


Ever wish your Green deck could kill weenies? How about your artifact deck that runs Academy Ruins and Arcbound Reclaimer? Then let me introduce you to "the good card from homelands".
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (1/18/2010 8:46:58 PM)


This is decent creature removal; If only you could recycle the counters, then it would be truly amazing.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (12/31/2009 7:47:01 PM)


Seems good with Proliferate.
Posted By: bw13187 (6/5/2011 7:08:50 PM)


Hate to break it to you openseasonnoobs, but dry spell is a far cry from a good card. Pay twice as much for a single activation of pestilence? At sorcery speed? Surely you must be joking. And it can only hit those creatures that can be dealt damage. Unlike, say, any of the other black cards like nausea.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (7/20/2010 3:17:24 PM)


I was so happy to see this timeshifted! One of those cards you can't truly appreciate until you play it for yourself.
Posted By: stygimoloch (12/2/2008 7:27:01 AM)


OK, first off, homelands had some amazing cards. Secondly, NOT the card I would use my reclaimer OR my academy ruins to retrieve. That would be almost as bad an idea as Tinkering for it.

Good Homelands cards: An-Zerrin RuinsBaron SengirDry Spell.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/10/2010 12:50:45 PM)


@OpenSeasonNoobs: Amazingly bad, you mean. Baron Sengir is a slightly more powerful Sengir Vampire...for eight mana. My vampire deck has cards that cost 5CMC that never get cast, because the game is over long before I need them. Ihsan's Shade was the only good legend from that set, and that's because he was an enormous black creature with pro white when Swords to Plowshares and Terror were the most efficient removal you could get. Ann-Zerrin Ruins is awesome sideboard material, but for every card like that in the set that was situationally usable, you have three cards like Aysen Highway. Homelands had almost no removal, and all its creatures were overcosted even by Ice Age standards.
Posted By: blindthrall (5/28/2011 12:07:07 PM)


@OpenSeasonNoobs No one seems to appreciate the irony in your comment, they seem to take it at face value. Don't worry, I do!
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/12/2011 8:22:58 PM)


I run a couple in my pauper ally deck alongside Clockspinning. They work wonders together when a game seems to drag on.
Posted By: Digitalhawk96 (7/22/2013 9:24:43 AM)