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Once upon a time, Clockwork Beast was an integral part of tournament worthy decks. No lie. Players took advantage of the mana accelerators of the age - namely Sol Ring, Mana Vault, and Mox Stones, to play big, clunky artifact creatures (most of the mana they were generating was colorless) and would swing in for a turn two win on a double Berserked fatty. Nowadays, Clockwork Beast is just another obscure artifact creature. He spawned two generations of clockwork copycats - first in Homelands, and then much later in Mirrodin. He does have good flavor, and if your deck is in need of a powerful attacker with a nominal upkeep, this might be your guy. In Revised, his closest rival would be Craw Wurm (who requires you to play green and starts out as a 6/4 instead of a 7/4) and the two are comparable in terms of playability.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (1/13/2010 9:47:41 PM)


I love the flavor on this card... it "winds down" like a clock until you crank it up again. Pretty strong when printed, but there are obviously better things to spend your mana on now.

2/5 for flavor respect :D
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/11/2010 11:54:53 AM)


Hated getting this card in packs. Bah!
Posted By: Psychrates (11/16/2011 1:48:03 PM)