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Nearly every card in Time Spiral was a throwback to at least one previously printed card.

This card references Benevolent Unicorn and Armored Pegasus.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (7/10/2013 12:39:07 PM)



I just wanted to say that Time Spiral and Planar Chaos are THE best sets you have ever done. In-jokes are the funniest kinds of jokes, at least when you're in on it. And we were all in on it. Damnation, throwbacks, insane combinations of old strange mechanics that, according to your 1 reusable mechanic per block rule, would literally never have been created if it were not for this crazy block. Do it again some day..
Posted By: greg2367 (6/3/2011 10:36:47 AM)



I have to say something:

Timespiral remains my absolute favorite block in Magic.

It was also my first block.

It is not my favorite because it was my first Block.

It is my favorite because of what it did, which was connect me to the game on multiple levels including the one that I, as a new player, was worried about the most: Magic's past.

The mechanics were varied, interesting, and everywhere. They were NOT hard to understand. In fact, I pretty much hate that R&D seem to dislike Suspend which, to me, is an amazing mechanic with tons of unexplored potential.
Posted By: Raedien (10/18/2010 12:17:53 AM)


Aaron's Random Card Comment of the Day #15, 10/15/10

Time Spiral is really two sets jammed on top of one another. The first, which the set began design as, is a “time matters” set based around caring about when things happen or things happening at odd times. The keywords suspend and split second are part of that design, as is the abundance of flash in all five colors. Serra Avenger is the flagship card for this half of the set. The second set is a “nostalgia” set, based on bringing back all sorts of crazy mechanics from Magic’s past, such as morph, storm, echo, flanking, shadow, Slivers, and Thallids. Plague Sliver is a great poster-card for this half. The “timeshifted” sheet really plays into the latter half’s theme as well.

Both themes combine nicely to show that some kind of crazy mixed-up time phenomenon is happing on the plane of Dominaria, but the truth is that either theme would have been enough to carry a larg... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (10/17/2010 11:21:21 PM)


My favorite random card comment of the day so far.

I find myself randomly stumbling onto cards that I had no idea were being referenced in Time Spiral, but years after Time Spirals release. For example, there's some online format a friend of mine plays, some sort of all-common format, and Grapeshot was huge. He found Benevolent Unicorn and was wrecking people, and I had no idea that card even existed.
Posted By: loucksj (10/18/2010 11:12:31 PM)


Hoses Grapeshot combos.

And yes, cplmontana, they would prevent 2 damage.
Posted By: Snaxme (12/26/2009 1:57:32 PM)


I'm a huge fan of Time Spiral block as a player as well. After never really doing more than some casual dabbling into magic years ago I ended up coming back to it shortly after Morningtide came out and I absolutely adored Time Spiral. It was a great block for embracing my Johnny side. Also it has Clockspinning, one of my all time favorite cards. Complex, multi-layered, and multi-focused sets make me happy. I'm saddened by how few players enjoyed it like me and some others have, but such is the way of the world
Posted By: Cosnirak (10/18/2010 4:15:45 AM)


I have to echo what a couple others have said.

3x TSP was also my favorite limited format by far. The great thing about such a large set is that there are so many different interactions possible. Playing Time Spiral block limited was extremely rewarding because you could still discover powerful interactions even after drafting it 20 times.

Suspend is easily one of my favorite mechanics of all time. I love that there is some tension involved in playing them. I have basically stopped playing Magic over the last couple years. Some of that is because I have less time in my life, but just as much has to do with the fact that cards today seem a lot less interesting. It seems that 95% of cards are all upside and no drawback. The main interest in evaluating cards is basically if they are costed low enough.

I guess I am too different from most players. I love combo decks. I love powerful cards with disadvantages that have to be minimized. I like storm (although the flavor on it is pretty hor... (see all)
Posted By: chadmbol315 (10/18/2010 4:19:18 AM)


come to think of it, why wasn't this in every sideboard last year when Grapeshot ran rampant through Extended??
Posted By: Champion_Kitsune (3/8/2010 6:56:20 PM)


Mr. Forsythe, just thank you a lot for Time Spiral. It was my best times playing Magic (Playing since 6th). And I also love triple TSP drafts, and TSP experience was probably the best in all of Magic's history!
Just thanks!
Posted By: zomghax (10/18/2010 12:33:04 AM)


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