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Nearly every card in Time Spiral was a throwback to at least one previously printed card.

This card references Thallid and Fungal Bloom, a card which help the Fungus tribe back in Fallen Empires. When combined with Sporoloth Ancient, your Fungus creatures can make a Saproling every turn!
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (7/10/2013 4:51:28 PM)


I think the scariest thing about this creature is that in addition to absolutely breaking a tribe in its entirety, it's also a 4/4 for 4. Brutal creature on all fronts, and resistant to burn. Yikes.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (8/25/2012 2:37:42 PM)


Insert mandatory Proliferate comment here.
4/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/3/2013 2:34:55 PM)


no saprolings are not fungus, BUT, conspiracy will make all your creatures fungus, and thuse you will be able to make you saprolings into saproling makers, but you lose out on sac saproling effects and other things that target saprolings or need saprolings

otherwise, dam this is good, and everything in a fungus deck gets better with a doubling season, sporoloth will mean, 4 counters go onto fungus, 4 counters come off, 2 tokens generations, doubled with the season, 4 saprolings

Ie. that is 1 spore counter = 1 saproling token
Posted By: Dingo777 (11/18/2009 8:56:38 PM)


I laughed when I realized this and sporoloth ancient let my fungus sliver make saps. Fun stuff.
Posted By: PolskiSuzeren (5/22/2010 7:35:55 AM)


Yes, Sporesower + Saproloth Ancient will let you get a Saproling from every Fungus besides Sporesower each turn. No, Saprolings =/= Fungi so they won't generate spore counters of their own.

Staple card for any Thallid deck. More spore counters = more Saprolings = more pain.
Posted By: MasterVash (8/30/2009 12:31:51 AM)


I like Cudgel Troll better, but he's definitely still good.
Posted By: BrutalJim (9/3/2009 5:09:25 PM)


I play him alone with no other fungi, he is that good. A nice beater that demands an answer and if they don't got one than it will get bad quickly.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/22/2010 11:36:40 PM)


Insanely useful for speeding up the effects of other Thallids.
Posted By: NARFNra (10/28/2010 8:50:34 PM)


@ hoody-frankz, all its saying is that fungus who are not thillids will also gain the extra token, it just dosn't do anything. Your thillids still gain the double counters.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (11/22/2010 4:54:58 PM)


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