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Very good with Clock of Omens, or most other things that can tap artifacts at will.
Posted By: StuartHamilton (1/3/2011 1:16:31 AM)


Really good card! Timmy gets a big creature traffic jam/discard badtrip.
Posted By: Carnophage_4ever (10/28/2010 4:15:02 PM)


Great card for casual prison decks, which try to prevent the opponent from playing any of the wonderful cards they draw. Also great in social multiplayer.
Posted By: Salient (4/28/2012 1:12:30 PM)


Howling Mine is great in conjunction with Black Vise and Ivory Tower, and it can also help fuel your Mishra's War Machine. If you're running this card draw engine, consider also playing with Library of Leng, just in case you find yourself drawing more than you can play. The dangerous thing about Howling Mine is that you are always the last person to benefit from it. So make sure your deck is constructed to take full advantage of the card drawing potential.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (8/13/2012 6:12:16 PM)


Howling Mine is so good. This card just spews forth cards at an alarming rate, and multiple copies will really wreck someone's game plan if they run into mana problems.

I like combining this with Land Destruction to create a headache for them. Combine with Black Vise and watch them get pinged to death every turn. Fun times!
Posted By: Gaussgoat (12/29/2009 6:52:37 AM)


@StuartH: Tapping artifacts no longer turns them off. You need to phase them or exile them until end of turn during your opponent's upkeep to hoard the effect for yourself.
Posted By: TheHandyman (1/4/2012 10:39:34 AM)


Psychosis Crawler and Consecrated Sphinx say hello.
Posted By: RagingGoblinGrenade (9/9/2012 1:01:59 PM)