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This is a creature bred for WAR.
It's quite possibly the first creature that I paid 7 mana for and didn't feel cheated.
For many a game it has been the physical manifestation of the phrase "Wrath of God or die, please."
Posted By: Atmos (2/18/2010 7:15:03 PM)


Limited bomb-city (arguably the bombiest rare in Dissension), not to mention the fact that it makes a fine work-towards-me big guy for a casual ramp or combo deck. My playset of this guy has served me in many a casual deck over the years. Now, to make my Ula's Temple deck work...
Posted By: ratchet1215 (11/8/2010 6:11:43 AM)


Oddly enough, this card lost his spot as my finisher in a U/G control deck to Plated Slagwurm.
Still one of my favorite cards to this day.
Posted By: The_Sturm (3/31/2011 1:26:04 AM)


Opponent plays Baneslayer, then smirks as I graft it.
Next turn I play Simic Sky Swallower and give it 4 counters.
My next turn I drop a Cytoplast Manipulator and he almost cries.
Posted By: ax_morph (10/7/2011 2:17:08 PM)


I had this is a graveyard recursion deck very briefly before deciding it was no fun (not for me, and certainly not for my opponent). The proper use is the obvious one, a late game beater. Shroud is so much cooler than hexproof. Beautiful card. 5/5
Posted By: Pongdok (1/19/2014 1:45:58 PM)


Bred out the shortcomings of Leviathans indeed.

Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (11/23/2010 1:35:42 PM)


Fantastic creature. Just wish it had some kind of graft-skill-sharing ability. I mean its Simic's big gun (aside from Kraj, and it didn't have sharing abilities either).
Posted By: Hunterr (6/20/2010 8:04:03 AM)


This puts most dragons to shame. Especially poor Ancient Hellkite.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/24/2011 10:34:44 AM)


A really uderestimated creature. Right now, with targeted removal being so damn strong and all over the place, his Shroud makes him a truly unstoppable beast that will most likely catch your opponents with their pants down. 5/5
Posted By: True_Mumin (8/23/2009 12:17:40 PM)


This and inkwell leviathan really turned the leviathan type around...they used to be giant creatures that had ridiculous, unplayable drawbacks. I cracked one of these in the first dissension booster I ever opened and it has won me many a game.
Posted By: Laguz (8/31/2009 8:40:20 PM)


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