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Flavor points if you ever manage to lock him down with a Barl's cage.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (9/30/2010 12:08:42 AM)


@Tommy9898: Yes, exactly!

To any who don't get the reference: in Jeff Grubb's book The Gathering Dark, Lord Ith is imprisoned in Barl's Cage, and he sends out his Rag Man to fetch someone to save him. That someone turns out to be Jodah (of Jodah's Avenger), and most of the book revolves around his journey to learn more about magic and to free Ith.

Although I didn't end up picking up much of the set, it was a real treat to see named characters from old cards finally represented as cards of their own. I don't feel too strongly one way or another about the card itself, but I do love the fact that Lord Ith finally has his own card.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (10/7/2010 12:27:37 PM)


Every card in Time Spiral was a throwback to at least one previously printed card.

This card represents a character from The Dark who was locked away in Barl's Cage by Mairsil, the Prentender. Ith's abilities reference his imfamous Maze of Ith
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (7/9/2013 11:22:03 AM)


Also good IN an exalted deck, assuming you maindeck 4 Dueling grounds
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/16/2010 4:53:54 AM)


Oddly, even though his full name is Barl, Lord Ith, Grubb didn't seem to know that and invented a second "Barl" character to make the cage. Grubb's Barl doesn't really serve much purpose, other than giving Marisil, the Pretender someone to lecture for expositional purposes.
Posted By: longwinded (12/17/2011 8:36:09 PM)


@Salient: If you "somehow" untap him at instant speed?

He has vigilance, dude. :p

As for potential combos with infinite tapspin (a leading alternative to leekspin for MtG players...and now I'm imagining this card spinning), there are several possibilities.

- Turn him into a merfolk, then use Judge of Currents for infinite life
- Mesmeric Orb allows you to mill as much of your deck as you like. There are several applications for this, the most blunt being Laboratory Maniac. You can even run Unburial Rites strictly for the flashback and stay in {U}/{W}!
- Wake Thrasher gets infinite power

...huh, alright, there aren't that many "whenever something becomes tapped/untapped" dealies then. Mesmeric Orb is by far the most interesting, allowing for a nigh instantaneous win by flashing back the aforementioned Unburial Rites and then flashing back something like Think Twice/aut... (see all)
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/5/2013 5:39:49 AM)


He's ment to be a 'double-blocker', ie: he 'blocks' two creatures (blocks one and taps to Mazeblock the other.
And he's vigilant, so he can attack if the opportunity prevailes.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/27/2010 5:14:47 PM)


I love this guy. Obviously you can keep attacking with him each turn. In case he get's blocked and would be dealt lethal damage, you can make him untap itself and prevent the damage.
Posted By: majinara (2/5/2009 1:21:52 PM)


Haha lulz in an EDH match. Its like, no you cannot attack Sean this turn haha. Just give him some support with loxodon warhammer or something beefy, and he will kick butt. Just remember you counters though.
Posted By: Omenchild (4/17/2010 11:29:14 PM)


Throw him and his maze (Maze of Ith) into your Bant hate deck to completly defang the Exalted mechanic.
Posted By: Pantheon (8/13/2009 6:58:56 AM)