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I love the clay-mation look of the original art. Functionally, Drudge Skeletons are excellent blockers. Second only to Will-o'-the-Wisps in terms of casting cost and ability to block. The skeletons can take a hit from an Earth Elemental or Craw Wurm, pick up their bones, and be around next turn to block all over again. The casting cost is low, so these guys can come out early and buy you some time while you build up your mana base for bigger creatures like Sengir Vampire or Nightmare.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (1/22/2010 8:48:19 AM)


I've killed so many of these guys over the years... it's like I know them personally now.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (12/28/2009 10:47:20 AM)


A classic. everyone who has played magic for a while knows of this card, and while it isn't a game winner by itself, it was a staple of decks everywhere.
Posted By: jsttu (1/17/2011 2:06:42 PM)


The original skeleton! I cannot overstate how much I like these guys. They were one of the first misinterpreted cards I liked to play with - between the flavour text and a fast and loose understanding of the rules, I originally thought that these guys could come back from the graveyard for Black! It didn't take long before we realized how stupidly strong that would be, although with Reassembling Skeleton WotC has printed something quite close. =)

@Eppek - totally agree re: the art.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (11/30/2010 10:02:30 AM)


@wolfbear2: you mean like Death Baron?
Posted By: BlakeHN (11/6/2010 2:41:26 AM)


is ok, if there was a skeleton lord out there it would be great.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (12/27/2009 3:10:15 PM)


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