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Each Time Spiral card was an homage to at least one previously printed card.

The card represents Thelon, the leader of the Sarpadian elves during the time of Fallen Empires. With the Ice Age coming, food became scarce; Thelon and his cadre of mycologists, the Thelonites, developed the first Thallids, self-cultivating, semi-sentient fungi, to serve as a sustainable food source. The Thallids instead bred faster than the elves could control them and overwhelmed the elvish empire. Thelon's flavor text implies that like all Legendary Creatures in Time Spiral, he has been yanked from his time line and is now bearing witness to the fallout of his actions.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (12/9/2012 11:10:09 PM)


@ steelpommel - The +1/+1s and sporecounters are different, so the Corpsejack doesn't double it.

(Of course, if you have a Ghave EDH deck, then the Corpsejack will double HIS +1/+1 counters, getting you more anyway.) If you want to have your non-thallid fungus create saps, you need a Sporoloth Ancient. And both the Ancient and Thelon go amazing with Sporesower Thallid, as mentioned by everyone else.

Personally, I like stockpiling the spores on my thallids and if any of them are pinged for death, have them explode into a flurry of saps at the last second.
Posted By: StyrofoamKing (6/1/2013 11:09:38 AM)


Thelon is simply amazing. Besides his awsome flavour he is usually a vastly undercosted and sometimes lasting Overrun (or much better) without trample for your fungus deck. Don't play him too early in the game unless you have more than one in hand because your opponents will throw their removal at him for sure. And who doesn't want to kill with Utopia Mycon and Spore Flower?
Posted By: holgir (9/10/2009 4:21:53 AM)


new edh rules allow black to be used in this guy's edh deck... i think he could be a RIDICULOUS general
Posted By: Aen3ma (12/14/2010 10:15:39 AM)


his ability requires black mana for a flavor perpose, the funguses are "eating" their fallen brothers. You don't get much blacker. Plus than you didn't feel so bad about splashing in black just for the death spores (the real killers of any fungus deck).
Posted By: wolfbear2 (11/14/2009 3:29:30 PM)


Amazing card, makes your thallids all the more terrifying, even after just a few turns. Also surprised no one has mentioned a doubling season combo with thallids, they'd get double the spore counters and double the saprolings, to me it's an awesome combo.
Posted By: doombladez (2/1/2012 1:13:15 AM)


While I agree that being able to exile a fungus from your graveyard to give all your other funguses +1, +1 is really nice, IMO, even without that ability giving all your funguses the pumpup for each spore counter on them is a really great card for 2 mana. Even if you don't have a way of generating black mana I would consider this a very worthwhile card in a fungus/saproling deck. Especially the way I play.

Since spore counters can be converted to saprolings at any time, but saprolings can never be converted back to spore counters (at least, not directly with any card I have seen yet, you could work some tricky combo with the fungus that allows you to sac saprolings for mana and use that to power fungal bloom, but...ehhh...) I avoid using the spore counters until the very moment I need them. If an effect is about to wipe out all the spore counters of course they become saprolings, but if an effect would wipe out all the saprolings, well, chances are I don't have any yet. If I am ... (see all)
Posted By: ddde (7/22/2010 9:52:42 PM)


I like his history from the sarpadian empires. The order of the ebon hand took a peak at phyrexia and learned about a prototype of sliver. They used the magic to create thrulls to combat the white citizens. Thelon was an elf ruler who was trying to protect his people from the invading goblins and camarids. He made a deal with the ebon hand and used the sliver/thrull magic to make the thallids and thus saprolings.

Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII is a fascinating read. *spoiler* trulls rebeled against the order and eventually killed everyone on the island. Looks like thelon survived.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 12:17:17 AM)


I honestly think the "official" rules of EDH should be amended to allow a deck to be any of the colors for which a mana symbol appears on the general's card, that way cards like Thelon, Rhys, and Bosh can become the cool generals they have so much potential to be.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (9/13/2010 2:58:36 PM)


Works great with Fungal Bloom :)
Posted By: daboth (9/16/2009 12:07:10 PM)