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It's amusing how much the second ability has been shortened by terminology changes.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (8/6/2011 12:25:14 PM)


One of my first (powerful) creatures. My first deck was monoblack and some kid my play group knew bought a ton of random cards for like $35 on ebay and he was just kind of giving us random cards. I saw this, and not knowing much at the time I was like "this thing looks cool, oh it's a 4/5 awesome" *snatch*

Later on I realized how good of a deal I got, this thing is a beast in the right deck. Stops gravepact/reanimation decks cold, and after he's been out a while he has the ability to become gigantic any time I desire. I love being able to control something like that.
Posted By: IshubarashI (9/1/2010 12:15:14 PM)


Oracle: Cards exiled with Void Maw that would go to the graveyard but have that replaced by an effect such as Leyline of the Void are considered new objects. This means they will lose any counters on them.

LOL WUT? Is this Oubliettesville where exiled creatures keep their counters (and Auras?)
Posted By: aPimpNamedEmrakul (9/28/2010 6:13:59 PM)


use with Gutless Ghoul to sac a creature, gain health and buff up void maw. Then use whatever you want to bring back the other creatures. Super deadly combo!! I use it in my Zombie deck and when it works, I can end a game In a turn or two.
Posted By: XxKintaxX (9/4/2010 10:36:16 PM)


This guy ain't overpowered or tournament quality or something, but very solid.

I have him often in my EDH/Commander decks or other decks for slow multipalyer formats where recursion rules. Also people quickly forget how huge that thing can suddenly become, and it tramples too. :)

Edit: and one of the best aspects of this card is, that it stops creatures from triggering "when this enters the graveyard" effects. Like, solemn simulacrum draws it's controller no cards, sundering titan destroys no lands (when it dies), rukh egg doesn't create a token, grave pact doesn't force people to sac stuff, and so on.
Posted By: majinara (4/24/2011 4:42:43 AM)


Allows you to control who gets to keep Measure of Wickedness.
Posted By: Exilyth (1/1/2012 2:23:25 PM)


Pure gold in multiplayer. Let a your opponents ram into each other a couple times or a Magus of the Abyss act for a round and suddenly you have a 14/15 trampler pointed at someone's face.
Also ultra-tech in Sedris, the Traitor King EDH.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (6/30/2012 9:49:11 AM)


The reason it mentions counters is likely because of Suspend, though I can't see any card that would be able to put time counters on an exiled card that didn't already have any. They all want the card to be "suspended".

702.60b A card is "suspended" if it's in the exile zone, has suspend, and has a time counter on it.

If they don't already have time counters, there's no card that would let you put them on. HOWEVER, if you did manage to have Void Maw eat a creature with Suspend, put time counters on it, then poop it back out while Leyline of the Void was around, it would lose any time counters it still had since it technically just left exile and returned to it instead of hitting the yard.
Posted By: Dabir (12/13/2012 6:42:48 PM)


so the 'flavor' idea here is that this guy eats dead bodies (creatures entering graveyard from play), and they are 'exiled' while they are being chewed in his mouth. you can then have him swallow one of them, which he excretes back into the graveyard, and gains a temporary 'nutritional' boost from them.

but then you're still allowed to re-animate them. maybe it would make more sense if they were re-exiled, but then his ability would take another paragraph to explain.
Posted By: Uhhsam (3/25/2010 5:36:28 PM)


Works well against anything that wants creatures to enter the graveyard from the battlefield, such as Rockslide and friends or Quest for the Gravelord.
Posted By: Dark_Bryne (7/17/2010 8:28:34 AM)