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Pauper Overrun effects are made of win!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (2/1/2011 4:35:15 AM)


I play one Kjeldoran War cry and 4 Glorious Charge in my deck. I dunno what you guys are talking about.

Posted By: MuffinMafia (6/28/2011 11:45:31 PM)


Strictly better than Glorious Charge.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/19/2009 12:23:54 PM)


Interestingly, the existence of Mindslaver means almost no card in all of Magic can be said to be strictly better than any other...still, Tommy presents the situation in which this, can, in fact, be worse than Glorious Charge.
Edit: Buderus, I suppose it's worth saying this: if anyone ever contests "strictly better", they're probably just testing their card knowledge by seeing if they can thing of any combination of cards that set up a very specific, very narrow scenario.We're just digging in the sandbox, no need to pay it much heed :)
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (10/7/2010 10:57:06 PM)


what a lame argument saying that in theory this card isn't strictly better than Glorious Charge. IF your Opponent plays the same Spell you both have the same Advantage or disadvantage of this card.
Furthermore, when you compare the situations where this card is worse with the one's it is better, then you must say it's strictly better than Glorious Charge...

*This card isn't "strictly" better, if you only play it 1x in your Deck...* XD and so on...
Posted By: Buderus (9/16/2010 5:20:15 AM)


I want to agree that it is better, but I can't say strictly because if your opponent is using them than the ones in your graveyard could be used against you. But that is unlikely of course but that's what you get when you start talking theoretically.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (3/1/2010 12:32:51 AM)


Forgeling: Nope. Opponent might be able to use "destroy target creature with power X or greater" effects on you. Or worse, Quickened Solar Tide because of the extra boost! Or maybe you want to run with Ensnaring Bridge and need to keep your attackers at a certain power level...

Thus continues my quest to prove that nothing is actually strictly better than anything.
Posted By: LordRandomness (1/5/2012 5:02:39 PM)


nah m8
Posted By: DaaNz (9/12/2009 11:11:53 PM)


If you were wondering what the Kjeldoran War Cry IS, I think I've found it:





Posted By: DarthParallax (10/20/2012 11:09:55 AM)


Who knew war cries involved so much algebra?
Posted By: Kirbster (11/5/2013 1:03:27 AM)


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