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I LOVE that they gave this vigilance.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (4/9/2011 10:52:26 PM)


This card is simply a masterpiece, all things considered: stunning art, interesting and usable mechanics, multi-faceted with flying, vigilance, and high toughness, all at the competitive cost of 4WhiteWhite. She's definitely on my "Favorite Angels of All-Time" list with Lightning Angel, Twilight Shepherd, and of course, Baneslayer Angel.
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (10/14/2011 12:12:08 AM)


@Archar: To answer your first question, whenever a card uses its own name, it means "this permanent". It doesn't mean "any card named Adarkar Valkyrie". If one player had two Adarkar Valkyries, and someone else destroyed them both at the same time (possibly with Wrath of God), they could target each other, and return each other to the battlefield. So yes, your opponent could target your Phyrexian Metamorph named Adarkar Valkyrie. And your Metamorph could target his Valkyrie.

As for question 2, the last ability on the stack will be the first to resolve. The ability lower on the stack will do nothing, because it can't be put from the graveyard onto the battlefield if it isn't in the graveyard. Also the active player always gets priority first and can activate abilities first, but that's not necessarily a good thing, because if a non-active player plays something on top of that, it'll resolve first.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (10/5/2011 5:39:41 PM)


The flying Sun Titan, with tapping as part of activation costs, but can be used as an instant, unlike the Titan. Plus she's able to return any creature as her target, not just CMC 3 or less. The upside to the Titan vs her is that he stays untapped, after attacking and activating his ability. Overall, I see them as close in terms of capabilities, one of the two (the Valkyrie), more geared towards longer games, although not necessarily.

Compared to Gleancrawler, she gets just your best creature, not all of them, but you don't have to get it out if your hand onto the battlefield, again.

Last but not least, you can steal any creature that dies, no matter who owns them.
Posted By: MattLynn (5/21/2013 11:06:57 AM)


I love tap effects on vigilant creatures. Just feels so good.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/18/2010 5:27:36 AM)


Magic needs more Valkyries. If they did Kamigawa, why can't they do a Yggdrasil block? Norse mythology is closer to the Magic aesthetic than Japanese mythology anyway. And the nine-worlds thing is right up Wizards' alley (I mean, look at Phyrexia).

EDIT: I love how you can't even type "Japanese" because of the censor. The censor's simplistic parsing is almost as bad as The Gatherer's advanced search parsing.
Posted By: CuriousThing (11/5/2011 1:03:25 PM)


You're wrong, Ludovici. But you're as well, PhyrexianEditor.
In any zone except the battlefield, this is considered a "creature card". And only while on the stack, it's a "creature spell".
So discarding a creature card from your hand won't work with Adarkar Valkyrie's ability since it can only target creatures, not creature cards. And even if the ability said "creature card" it won't work, since you can't target cards in hand, only those in a graveyard.

Rulings aside, this is a great creature and the awesome tap ability was added charitably, considering that a 4/5 vigilant flyer for 6 mana is already somewhat decent.
Most of the time much better than a far older angel from this block with a related ability: Seraph.
Posted By: Mode (12/11/2009 10:26:04 AM)


Not just Awesome...inspiring...and most people say that there aren't any good cards in the Coldsnap set. BAH!!
Posted By: Jokergius (9/12/2009 3:22:15 PM)


This angel is absolutely lovely. Can't go wrong sticking this an a haphazard angel deck.
Posted By: Cleansingfire (1/12/2011 8:18:04 PM)


Such a punny card...... I'm gonna go make some snow angels right now!
Posted By: Goatllama (11/5/2011 5:31:11 PM)