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In honor of Coldsnap, let's do it retro.

15 x Island
15 x Rune Snag
10 x Traumatize
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (3/16/2011 9:51:15 AM)


I actually like it a lot better than Mana Leak. I love how they can stay effective, each one becoming a more potent counter spell than the last.
Posted By: BrutalJim (3/14/2010 9:26:03 AM)


If you have more than one of them, it's significantly better than Mana Leak in that your opponent keeps having to pay more for their stuff to not be countered. By the second one you use, they're paying 4, compared to Mana Leak's 3. Unless of course they have things that exile stuff in your graveyard.
Posted By: lukemol (4/13/2010 2:40:23 PM)


"Counter unless they pay 2" is balanced enough as it is, this card is and always will be amazing! In a time when 5-6 mana on turn 3 wasn't the staple, this cleared out everything and built itself up as the game went along. 2 mana early on, 4 mana one mid-game hit, 6-8 mana at endgame. If something of any value is played at endgame, you can be sure the opponent doesn't have an extra 6-8 mana to spare. Not so useful now, but the king of counter in its time.
Posted By: Kaizeischi (11/10/2010 1:04:18 PM)


VERY good card. If you play these, you play four of these.
Posted By: Bursama (11/20/2010 4:03:32 AM)


flexible, depends on how you can maximize your benefit... does have a tendency to be useless at times... also these days it's always dangerous to have important cards in your graveyard... but it is a clever spell and increases its chance to resolve as you play more of them.
Posted By: Chrs84 (10/29/2009 5:05:18 AM)


Great early game counterspell, and great end game counterspell as well.
Posted By: Powereslave (11/9/2009 5:41:20 PM)


If there's a set that makes no sense among itself, it's Coldsnap.

Excluding the Snow permanent stuff, if you were to look at Coldsnap in general, you will see that almost none of the cards have any chemistry. The cycle of "you may remove two spells of (X) colour so you could play this for free" (EX: Commandeer)? What does that have to do with any of the cards?

Braid of Fire? Counterbalance? Zur the Enchanter? Darien, King of Kjeldor? Thrumming Stone?

I know this is Time Spiral-esque set where they tried to print cards that were related to Ice Age, but still...

Regardless, this was one goofy set.
Posted By: Ferlord (1/4/2013 11:52:19 AM)


I think its stronger then mana leak.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/30/2013 3:46:47 AM)


I have a tendency to play big smashy creature decks, and my good friend leans more towards blue control. As a result, because I often tap out a lot, I see this card very often and I absolutely despise it. After that first one gets through, it's just impossible to pay the ever-climbing additional mana. By the time the fourth one hits play, the additional cost is often more than the actual CMC of the spell itself.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (10/31/2010 6:30:51 PM)