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Also, he looks like a badass.
Posted By: EXPLODEDman (7/16/2011 8:14:25 PM)


One of my favorite cards in all of Magic. Exemplifies a rare that anyone would be excited over.
Posted By: http404error (6/24/2011 2:43:23 PM)


Just not Benalish without Banding.
Posted By: Anathame (10/12/2011 11:07:06 AM)


This seems to be a 'White Seige-Gang Commander'. Cool.

What I like about cards like this is that they allow you to do something really different- make a multi-tribal deck.

This card, all on it's own, can make a whole Soldier subtheme in your deck, at the price of no more than 4 card slots.

For an excellent example of how to take advantage of this opportunity, consider Kaalia of the Vast EDH. Sometimes it's fun to just go straight all-out Demons, Dragons, and Angels. But sometimes you want to go a bit bigger and more Epic than that. Sometims you wish you could have your giant flying beasts lead a huge army. Cards like this let you do that.

If you devote just a single space in your EDH deck to this card, you could wind up with a LOT of tokens.

Sure, not every game. Maybe not even every game you draw it. But the potential is there for him to become a one-card army. If you put a lot of different one card armies together, and then slap down a Coat of Arms, you can make a very ... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/6/2012 8:38:32 AM)


Run him with Darien, King of Kjeldor and he gets bigger the more damage you take.
Posted By: tdogg46142 (3/25/2012 2:00:36 PM)


he's a avatar that produces tokens that he lords over. pretty sweet :P
Posted By: thaviel (9/17/2009 12:29:14 PM)


So if you play this guy in a mono white deck... then why shouldn't you suspend him.
4 mana for him
or 3 mana for him with haste and 1/1 soldier. only drawback is that you can't use him to block.
Posted By: theis999 (5/8/2010 6:14:17 AM)


i think wizards should have made it suspend XWWW- after last time counter is removed benalish commander enters the battlefield with X soldier tokens.

still a very good card tho.
Posted By: ChuckMickey (11/11/2009 4:16:37 PM)


This guy can be good, but only when suspended for x = 1 and with lots of other Soldier support. But T1 Icatian Javelineers, T2 Raise The Alarm, T3 (this guy) is a scary start.

If he's suspended for more than 1 turn his usefulness starts to fall off in my opinion - the Soldiers he makes just show up too slowly, both because of the extra mana you need to use and because of the Suspend mechanic.
Posted By: JenBroness (7/3/2012 1:54:50 PM)


Combine this with either of the Elspeths, although I think Knight-Errant would be better because making the token makes it stronger, for crazy soldier fun.
Posted By: wholelottalove (10/9/2012 6:38:46 AM)