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This guy+Merfolk Thaumaturgist=Death....well....been working for ME anyway...
Posted By: XenMaster (5/13/2010 7:02:49 AM)


olojmi: It'll make his original P/T 0/2. If the creature was originally a 4/4 with three +1/+1 counters, that would make him a 7/7. But if you turned him into a 0/2, the counters would still take effect, making him a 3/5.
Posted By: Exuberance (4/3/2010 2:45:09 PM)


Time-shifted Sorceress Queen for blue; nice. Great artwork and a powerful effect.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (7/16/2010 11:03:45 AM)


This is such a control card. I have 3 of these in my blue deck and it ***es everyone off royally.
Posted By: Blue_Blur (6/13/2009 10:08:26 AM)


Yep, it'll only screw with temporary bonus like end of turn stuff, but not static or counter's.
Posted By: Omenchild (4/16/2010 11:13:48 PM)


Fun times should be ahead in concert with Skymark Roc. The Roc needs the creature to have 2 toughness or less to send it skittering away. The Sorcerer arranges for that to happen...
Posted By: SkyknightXi (12/2/2012 6:57:39 PM)


So it should read target creature becomes strictly worse than storm crow until end of turn.
Posted By: BrutalJim (3/12/2010 11:12:29 PM)


I love this card, and it reminds me of ovinomancer, almost as if this guy is the apprentice, unable to do it permanently. Consequently, whenever he transforms someone into a sheep (or whatever, but i like to think of it as a sheep) I have to let out a loud 'BAAAAAA!'. With an ability as fun/weird as this, someone has to. The great part is the people in my playgroup have started to as well. Awesome.

About the card itself, I have also found good utility with Merfolk Thaumaturgist, as well as blinking a Spawnbroker in and out of play, exchanging itself for the 0/2, then blinking it so it comes back under my control to repeat the action. If in a tight spot you can always use it to nullify an attacker or make a combat exchange more profitable, although as you are playing blue control that is less likely. No matter what, this is an amazing card that is excellent in multiples, and any blue creature-based control deck should run m... (see all)
Posted By: jsttu (7/22/2011 8:33:13 PM)


ahhh your going into my edh great for saying your creature is usless
Posted By: aba1 (4/21/2010 8:37:16 PM)


when you make a creature with +1/+1 counters on it, does it become a 0/2 or is the cretures original power/toughness the only thing effected then you ad the counters on after?
Posted By: olojmi (2/14/2010 12:07:11 AM)