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One of the best answers to Stuffy Doll.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/26/2010 10:11:40 AM)


Try Ragged Veins instead.
Posted By: Silverware (9/29/2010 10:35:12 PM)


The original text of this card is quite possibly the most grammatically awkward thing I've ever read.
Posted By: WhereDidItGo (10/16/2011 12:04:29 PM)


Anybody else think that this and pariah should have switched places color-wise?
Posted By: Flavros (6/20/2010 9:02:27 AM)


No, Pariah .
Also, Pestilence loves this card.
Posted By: XenoZergie (5/6/2010 9:53:53 AM)


This and Pariah do NOT cause either an infinite damage combo or a game-ending infinite loop. Each effect is used once and they would thus cancel each other out. See also the following rule:
614.5. A replacement effect doesn't invoke itself repeatedly and gets only one opportunity for each event.

So if you or the creature were to take damage, whichever replacement effect is currently relevant does its thing, then the other one switches it back. Both replacement effects are used up and the recipient of the damage is the same as it would have been without either of them being there.

On topic for this card: This could go very well on a weak enemy creature that doesn't have a tap ability in combination with Lust for War while you hold a big creature back to block with, such as Rage Nimbus.
Posted By: Artscrafter (1/24/2011 1:23:53 PM)


Shivan Meteor?
Posted By: Necrolysis (1/14/2010 4:26:51 PM)


Try INFINITE DAMAGE people...well not infinite damage, but there are some combos out there that let people gain massive life, sometimes infinitely until they cut their combo loop, somewhere in the millions. And of course this combo will be legal in some tournaments, especially the tournies that don't let you use Unglued, Unhinged and Portal Set cards not reprinted;) Our beloved Mogg Maniac with Treacherous LinkandPariahor Pariah Shieldslapped on, then trigger any damage ability targeting yourself or Moggy McMassacre! What you have in my opinion is the best three card infinite damage loop ever invented;)Remember I said something about infinite life gain until someone kills the combo? Have ANY creature have the Treacherous Link and Pariah or Pariah Shield on with a Soul Link firmly attached. Let the loop go on and on, gaining life and so forth, but be careful to have the ability to d... (see all)
Posted By: Sumai4444 (10/16/2010 6:16:09 AM)


No, Flavros. Treacherous Link and Pariah make perfect color-sense. Pariah creates a matyr, which is willing to sacrifice itself for the player. On the otherhand, Treacherous Link creates an unexpected route of pain and death.
Posted By: Arglypuff (7/15/2010 8:37:45 PM)


this card + pariah on the same creature (you control) then damage yourself or the creature to draw the game
Posted By: klauth (8/3/2010 1:52:13 AM)


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