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really people? it's an instant speed discard spell, why is it rated so low. it even Darkblast small creats or pumps your big ones!
Posted By: wolfbear2 (12/17/2009 1:46:51 PM)


Instant speed discard spell, that can potentially be a kill spell that can ALSO grant evasion for ONE MANA. Oh, in addition to this it is also a common. I also like white's charm from the set, Dawn Charm
Posted By: tcollins (1/4/2011 10:27:45 PM)


The best of the Planar Chaos charms is also the best of the Visions charms.
The abilities are stunning: one-mana discard, a one-turn Riot Spikes, or one-shot evasion. I love Planar Chaos's blue.
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (2/14/2010 10:08:13 AM)


nice balanced card
Posted By: CharnelhoardWurm (7/31/2010 6:46:51 PM)


I think there are only three instant-speed discard spells. This, Funeral Charm, and Esper Charm.
Posted By: themlsna (1/25/2011 8:50:17 AM)


Wow, Removal, Pump up, Evasion, and Lockdown all at Blue instant speed. 5/5
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (1/20/2013 4:04:11 AM)


As everyone keeps saying, instant speed discard.

More importantly, instant speed discard in BLUE. If you play your cards right (hurr), this is basically a counterspell for your opponent's last card for {U}
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/2/2013 5:20:41 AM)


Wh- why does the rulings say "this is the timeshifted version of Funeral Charm"? I mean, it is, but that's not really rulings... In which instance would that influence gameplay :P
Posted By: Mistralis (7/1/2013 8:26:18 PM)


Instant speed discard alone would be pretty great already, but no, this beaut sports a few additional options too:
- Kills target creature with toughness 1, ignores indestructible, no regeneration possible.
- Deals 2 damage to target player that was dealt damage by a creature this turn.
- If your opponent conrols an island, target creature you control is unblockable until end of turn.

Indubitally the second most powerful charm - not only in blue - it only has to bow before the mighty Vision Charm itself.
Posted By: IndubitableSalmon (1/15/2014 4:05:17 AM)


Surprisingly good in ninja decks.
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (4/21/2014 5:46:09 PM)