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This card isn't a game breaker, but the 2/2 cat token can be really good, it doesn't specify damage opponent just has to attack. You could play it with the leonin that gives all cats +1 and get even better cat tokens. Use lush growth on an opponents land to make it a forest.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/18/2009 3:35:37 PM)


Jedit + Yavimaya Dryad = :D
Posted By: Meteorain27 (1/21/2010 8:09:12 PM)


@ EpicBroccoli

Jedit's father, Jaeger Ojanen, left Efrava to go adventuring and the original Jedit (from Legends) eventually leaves as well to find out what happened to his father. He ends up joining the Robaran Mercenaries and fighting the wizard Johan (who was responsible for his dad's death) with Hazezon Tamar and his wife Adira Strongheart.

The planar chaos Jedit is instead very loyal to his home and stays, becoming a badass guardian of Efrava and his (cat)people.
Posted By: noobmag1 (3/22/2013 1:42:16 PM)


One of my favorites :D
Cat tribal is seriously under-rated. This, Lush Growth on an opponents land, Raksha, Golden Cub equipped with Konda's Banner. My god, man. You've got a an 9/9 unblockable double striking kitty generating 6/6 unblockable double strikers. And Ol' Raksha on the side.

Like anything else in Magic ever... Doubling Season makes it more ridiculous.
Why not Oran-Rief, the Vastwood, too?

Kill, kill, kill!
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/22/2010 8:29:29 PM)


Actually it would only be generating 5/5 unblockable doublestriking tokens (can you believe that statement actually had an "only" in it). +2/+2 from Raksha, and since the tokens are green and Raksha is white, the Banner only gives them +1/+1 for sharing a creature type.
Posted By: sir_leo_iii (9/16/2010 6:43:23 AM)


I wonder where his (and the original Legends-card's) name comes from. Ojanen is a very common Finnish surname (and the name of a famous Finnish hockey player) so this card sounds hilarious to a Finnish speaker. Not to mention he's a Jedi(t).
Posted By: Panpl (10/10/2010 1:18:39 PM)


One of the many embarrassing Legends legends is now good. This guy's pretty solid, but against anything but green decks, Grave Titan has him beat.

Posted By: SleetFox (12/12/2010 10:43:38 AM)


I should really read the books. These types of cards make me interested in the difference between the normal version and the Planar Chaos ones.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (2/13/2011 2:39:22 PM)


Gaea's Liege?
Posted By: Names_Suck (4/9/2011 9:51:49 AM)


With the Heroes of Mirrodin Besieged, specifically the white variation, Ojanen is a fantastic predecessor.

He's green and definitely greener, with a higher cost and more power/toughness. However, the two 1/1 tokens have manifested themselves here as a 2/2 cat.

With the Forest Walk and probably with a white Vigilance aura, this can effectively be made into something that produces better tokens than the hero, although it isn't much faster.

Another problem is that the hero's tokens come in attacking, although they only show up when it attacks: not when it blocks.

The major problem is that, there is very little powerful cat tribal that isn't reliant on equipment for all I'm aware of. As a consequence, those soldier tokens from the hero become more powerful more easily and more quickly.

Definitely average at least, good for a green mono or green/white tribal.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (6/10/2011 11:35:59 PM)


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