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@Evil_Tactics Ironically this thing is also great with proliferate, you know the Phyrexian based effect. Although that's the kind of irony that Urza would love. Lol
Posted By: JanusAurelius (11/10/2010 12:14:07 PM)


Puts all of the Alara tricolor obelisks, all of the cameos, Celestial Prism, Mana Prism, Phyrexian Lens, Sol Grail, Standing Stones, and arguably even Darksteel Ingot to shame.
Posted By: Auteur (8/25/2010 6:09:28 AM)


Run this with Coretapper.
Posted By: lukemol (3/14/2010 1:03:17 PM)


Just wonderful in a rainbow EDH deck. Cromat hearts this artifact.
Posted By: Gargantula (4/23/2012 1:17:16 AM)


Turn 4 titan with hardly any work! Great card.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/3/2012 8:49:50 AM)


Very very potent mana fixer and accelerator. I'd run this as a 3rd turn mana accel with or without Signets.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/31/2009 1:04:31 AM)


Situationally better than Darksteel Ingot. You can voltaic key this guy to get extra mana for the next turn if necessary.
Posted By: BelloAbril (11/1/2009 4:10:24 PM)


Are we returning to the Coalation? Does Yawgmoth live?
Posted By: NeoKoda (7/15/2011 9:37:16 PM)


Don't forget, this can combo with any charge counter manipulators. Doubling Season, Power Conduit, and Energy Chamber are some of the cards that work well with this.
Posted By: Evil_Tactics (2/21/2010 10:04:42 PM)


Coretapper? It'd work but the charges are removed each turn. So if you're tossing a creature in the mix it might as well be a Manakin or one of those colored myr creatures unless you're using a lot of colors.
Posted By: wakkacraft (3/31/2010 7:49:42 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!