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A fixed Flash. It's a powerful and overlooked card.

As for why it is good:
1) You can keep your mana open to keep your opponent in check on his turn.(aka removal, counterspells and others)
2) You can force the control player to counter on his turn, thus giving you the opportunity to do whatever you want on your own turn.
3) You can flash in a creature that will block an incoming creature to death.
4) You can further abuse come into play effects.
5) You can play your bomb on the opponent's end step and give him very little time to respond to it.
6) When you're topdecking, this will act as a cycling card. So it's not a dead draw. If your deck is all creatures and instants, you will probably always do it on someone else's turn.

The only drawback to this card is that your creature costs one white mana extra, and that it isn't beyond broken like its older brother.
Posted By: Shiizu (1/7/2010 9:13:12 AM)


Quicken for creatures, and a not abusable white version of Flash. I love that one.
Instant speed is more useful than some players might think, aside from an unsuspected blocker in general you can bring out a creature with cip/etb effect that might be devasting against your unprepared opponent.

And these shenanigans require nothing but a single white mana - you might even play it if you don't have the right creature in hand and hope for drawing it by casting this spell. That's a quite risky move, though.

Oh, and you can imprint it in Isochron Scepter as well for some cheap card advantage and more flashing creatures.
Posted By: Mode (10/24/2009 11:24:57 PM)


I have to wonder why Flash wasn't initially printed with a wording like this. Did they simply not think of designing it this way?
Posted By: scumbling1 (3/27/2011 10:42:35 AM)


I rate this a five

Ignore the effect, look at the cost and the "Draw a Card", if it costs one, and says draw a card, it may be worth a slot in that colored deck.

Then it says instant, I mean compare it to blue draw, 3 mana for 2 cards? Scout's Warning is way too powerful (just kidding). But you can see how 1 mana for 1 card is looking good, now make it an instant and your deck can be ~56 cards

Lastly, the effect itself is super gold, I mean, flash a creature? That can be used in so many ways, it is awesome.

But my main point stands, this card is great where you can use its ability (of Flash) the fact that it could be used in quite a lot of decks as just filler makes it awesome.
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (4/10/2011 10:03:41 PM)


I'm warning you, my end-of-turn Sunblast Angel wont be pretty.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (6/19/2011 2:56:40 AM)


Keep some mana open for removal just in case, then play the creature you want just before the previous turn ends.
Posted By: Etregan (11/27/2009 1:30:23 AM)


This card gives Norin the courage to block. I love it.
Posted By: Continue (10/30/2012 8:45:16 AM)


EDH all the way for this one. Instant speed commanders are simply awesome.
Posted By: Ace_Rimmer (7/13/2009 6:13:49 AM)


Serra Avenger works great with this card if you want to bring her out in before turn 4, etc.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/19/2010 3:53:17 PM)


Look at that. You can put down a Dryad Arbor on an opponent's turn with this.
Posted By: MithosFall (9/7/2013 1:02:11 PM)


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