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Wat? Pardic Dragon can actually get out? No wai!
Posted By: TopRomen (11/8/2010 6:33:25 AM)


Its worth noting that time counters are also used by two non-Vanishing, non-Suspend cards: Infinite Hourglass and Time Bomb. With Infinite Hourglass, this card becomes "all creatures get +X/+0" (indefinitely, NOT until end of turn). With Time Bomb untapped (and a free mana floating) this card becomes "do X damage to all creatures and players."
Posted By: yyukichigai (6/29/2011 9:42:17 PM)


It's worth pointing out that while Timecrafting + Pardic Dragon might be about the same mana cost, it can be split up into two turns. Turn 2 you suspend Pardic Dragon and then turn 3, if they didn't play more than one spell, you have a 4/4 Shivan Dragon with Haste, which isn't bad at all. Still not worth running the combo, even in casual, but you're pointing out the wrong reasons for it. The real reason it's bad is because the kind of deck that would want a 4/4 with Flying, Firebreathing, and Haste on turn 3 (Red Deck Wins type all-in aggro decks) is not the kind of deck that's going to run a combo piece like Timecrafting, and the rogue combo deck that does run Timecrafting needs something much more worth assembling a combo for than a good 4/4 beatstick that easily gets you 2-for-1'd by basic removal. Casting Timecrafting on Pardic Dragon is a lot like casting an aura on something, it'll give you a fantastic beater on turn 3 that's ready to swing, but you are setting yourself up to get... (see all)
Posted By: Henrietta (6/13/2011 12:51:04 AM)


Yes, this is an incredible combo with Pardic Dragon. Suspend the Dragon for RedRed, then cast Timecrafting for 2Red. Voilå, 4/4 Dragon for 2RedRedRed! You save a mana in exchange for taking 2 cards to play one! Yay card advantage!

Sarcasm aside, this is quite good because it enables instant-speed anything you can suspend. Flash Errant Ephemeron into play and eat a creature, then attack next turn. Instant-speed Shivan Meteor is brutal. And yes, Jhoira.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (11/17/2010 1:01:08 PM)


Nice in TS constructed. Throw your Greater Gargadon counters onto their suspended lotuses or other cards.
Posted By: Cleansingfire (1/12/2011 7:58:25 PM)


I think this would've been a fun card too play with.

Too bad i kinda skipped the whole TS block.
Posted By: StagemasterK (12/3/2009 4:57:55 PM)


Why is this rated so lowly? Jhoira decks seem they could use this pretty well.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/11/2010 3:58:57 AM)


I think it's rated lowly because outside of Jhoira decks, that aren't a lot of places for it.

Within Jhoira decks... hey hey, super prank card. And y'know, if you can't wait all 4 turns for Emrakul, there's always that too (plus the fact he gains haste on the first turn he comes in means that your opponent is going to have to sac 12 permanents unless they have non-targetted instant speed removal handy).

Personally, I've had a lot of fun with this and Sway of the Stars in the past, given that my Jhoira deck is fragile to fast decks. They'd go for their attack phase which would likely be lethal, Timecrafting out my Sway of the Stars. Board reset, but I'll have a good one or two suspended cards ready to be cast as we both rebuild.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (7/29/2011 12:27:15 PM)


So if I have Aeon Chronicler suspended with 3 counters on it, I can spend 4 mana on Timecrafting to get the Chronicler immediately and draw 3 cards? That's interesting. Benalish Commander + this = lots of soldiers and a big creature, Fungal Behemoth + this = lots of +1/+1 counter distribution and a big creature. Their initial suspend costs of XGG / XWW mean that they're probably a good way to get this combo going quickly.
Posted By: Ultimario (2/9/2013 4:07:36 PM)


Potentially combos with Tidewalker.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/21/2013 9:57:27 AM)


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