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Goodbye cruel & broken world..
Posted By: Mike-C (3/7/2011 9:41:45 AM)


it wouldn't get the counter because you aren't playing the Myojin card, you are using the piper's activated ability.
Posted By: Sacrier (9/11/2009 11:31:02 PM)


First of all, this card rox! Second, i had the same question and a jugde said that even though it comes into play from your hand, since you didn't pay the mana cost for it, it gets no counter. Its kinda a weird concept but a jugde would explain it better.
Posted By: 10meirij (6/17/2009 10:28:09 AM)


This is a great card to add to your conflux deck! Play her, and next turn tap 1 measly forest and voila! Progenitus is in play. That is a 10 mana cast of 5 different colors for the cost of 1!
Posted By: mnDragon (3/28/2009 8:57:15 AM)


Question about the ruling: if i were to pipe out a myojin of life's web, would it get the divinity counter?
Posted By: mgclmnky (6/7/2009 12:54:46 PM)


Actually, you would get the counter on the Myojins.

It says "If you played it from your hand." Technically, you put it into play from your hand.

It's like Tooth and Claw arguments.
Posted By: asandberge (1/11/2011 10:24:09 PM)


Posted By: skat3r_planb (5/7/2009 9:21:41 PM)


Regarding the Myojin of Life's Web question:

To pay Myojin's casting cost and put it onto the battlefield is to 'play' it.

To use Elvish Piper is to 'put' it onto the battlefield.

One process is 'playing' a spell. The other process is 'putting' a card.
Posted By: humor_love (7/6/2011 10:17:24 AM)


Combos with Scornful Egotist to make a 1/1 for 1, where else can you get that kind of deal?
Posted By: gsrz1989 (1/14/2014 12:16:51 AM)


I like that even though this is better in most cases than Norwood Priestess, it still isn't strictly better. Both cards are great, I prefer piper, obviously, but dang why not both?
Posted By: ZaisConsultant (5/31/2014 3:03:23 PM)


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