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Bramble Elemental would be super fun!
Posted By: Discoduck (1/1/2011 10:23:34 PM)


this and flickering ward are the only enchantments that can go in and out for two mana? What do you call Crown of Flames, then?
Posted By: littlebeast (4/21/2010 9:18:55 PM)


Sigil of the Empty Throne. Bounce this back and forth and you got a legion of angels.
Posted By: Veritus7 (3/5/2011 3:11:17 PM)


If you are using this card to just give a creature flying, you are doing it wrong.
Posted By: Bouchart (11/13/2009 3:53:22 PM)


It's no waste. There are creatures without flying in blue where it make sense to give them flying. Additional, this card make sense in a two or more colour deck.
Posted By: Crabby (6/26/2009 2:08:02 PM)


They needed to timeshift this to white. I have a white enchantment recursion deck and I would have loved to have 4 of these. This and Flickering Ward are the only enchantments that can be played and returned for 2 mana. Unfortunately, every Island is a land that can't be used for Flickering Ward, and every Plains is a land that can't be used for Flickering Ward. Outside of spending 200 dollars on duel lands...

White can screw with enchantment plays more than blue, so this card is kind of obsolete as a replayable enchantment. It's still decent for its "intended" purpose if you don't have a lot of flyers, especially in a Simic-colored deck. You can keep it in your hand and take your opponent by surprise with which creature you give wings when you attack or block, and then return it afterward.
Posted By: SleetFox (3/18/2010 8:48:48 AM)


Yes Joseph, because mono-blue is such a popular archetype, noone would even dare consider casting this on a non-blue creature.


Also, if you're only using this to give a creature flying, you're using it wrong.
Posted By: Laguz (6/30/2010 9:05:43 PM)


Only an idiot would call this card crappy. Cast Verduran Enchantress, (NOT Argothian, Argothian forces you to draw a card, Verduran lets you choose) and once you have that, just cast this and put it back in your hand over and over again drawing massive cards. with a Crucible of Worlds Fastbond and Zuran Orb, you can tap an Island for a Blue and cast this, draw a card, sac the land for two life to the Orb, and use Crucible and Fastbond to repeat infinite times, drawing any number of cards you need. If you have Sigil of the empty Throne in play, you can also use this to generate infinite 4/4s. Not so crappy now is it? (I've personally drawn up the rest of my deck using this card on the 4th turn, winning by Vercursion). I drew up 38 cards.
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (6/27/2009 4:07:15 AM)


Whip Silk too. While strictly worse than this card, it was in just the right color back when Enchantresses were green.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (10/30/2010 10:31:38 PM)


Crappy card is crappy. Not so much that the card itself sucks, but it's just a waste of space to put in a deck. Blue gets so many fliers already.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (6/23/2009 12:49:17 PM)


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