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So your argument is that a 10/10 for GG is not strictly better than a 2/2 for GG because Mind Control exists?
Posted By: Shieldman (5/18/2012 9:56:10 PM)


You gotta love the classics. despite the existence of better cards, you gotta admit this is a good pick in limited.
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (4/29/2010 8:54:59 PM)


Oh, hai guise, you thought i left the core sets? Canyon Minotaur
Posted By: BelloAbril (11/2/2009 6:11:41 AM)


Gotta love your good ol' Hill Giant let's hope for M10! :D
Posted By: JL_Weber (5/5/2009 6:33:06 PM)


The following cards are strictly better:

Steamflogger Boss
War-spike Changeling
Coal Stoker
Furnace Brood
Hatcher Bully
Kavu Runner
Lavaborn Muse
Lord of Shatterskull Pass
Lowland Oaf
Roc of Kher Ridges
Rosheen Meanderer

The following cards are always better in a mono-red deck:

Talruum Minotaur
Stone Giant
Viashino Fangtail
Zerapa Minotaur
Cyclops Gladiator
Flowstone Giant
Goblin Razerrunners
Highland Giant
Lowland Giant
Mudbrawler Raiders
Pardic Arsonist
Raging Minotaur
aut... (see all)
Posted By: Chamale (12/6/2010 8:05:03 PM)


The only really noteworthy thing about this card is that it's probably the only one in which MasterOfEtherium didn't capitalize every word of his comment. I'd say he's grown to become less annoying, except that comment is just a copy/paste from the flavor text.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (4/18/2010 9:46:54 AM)


Nice flavour text but it's a pretty poor card.
Posted By: Studoku (4/7/2010 1:28:46 PM)


Hey, if you like this, check out my deck.
Creatures: Barbarian Horde x4, Canyon Minotaur x4, Hill Giant x4, Lagac Lizard x4, Ogre Warrior x4, Tor Giant x4, Wild Jhovall x4, Shu Elite Infantry x4, Trokin High Guard x4, Giant Octopus x4
Lands: Mountan x14, Plains x4, Island x2
I didn't say it was a good deck...
Posted By: Darklink1026 (1/8/2011 2:10:17 PM)


Lightning Bolt is strictly better than Shock. I dare you to demonstrate that it's not true!

"Strictly better" cards actually exist! Examples:
"compare Grizzly Bears and the strictly better Wild Mongrel" from Arcana:

"example of a “strictly better” would be Lightning Bolt versus Shock." from Mark Rosewater:
that give a definition of "strictly better":
"“Strictly better” means that one card is in all occurrences (within reason) better than another."

My personal definition of "strictly better" is "better stats, given everything else unchanged".
Listing corner case in which a card can be worse than another doesn't means anything. For each of your examples, I can give a lot of counter-examples...

Mark Rosewater said "... (see all)
Posted By: leomistico (6/24/2011 5:05:30 AM)


3/3 vanilla for 4 mana? No thanks, not even in a Giant deck.
Posted By: Soul_Shackle (7/21/2009 6:55:33 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!