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One thing he will always have above Sphinx of Jwar Isle is the ability to swat Baneslayer Angel out of the sky. Beyond that though I would prefer the sphinx. My point is that this guy still has his uses.
Posted By: Eved (6/10/2010 7:22:05 AM)


He doesn't look like he would fit in a gambling hall.
Posted By: Hyon (10/31/2009 10:53:40 AM)


This thing beats baneslayer angel. It's nothing special in terms of power, but it is a classic. I like how it beats BSA, but it gets as close to possible to not. I mean really, one less point of toughness or power and BSA would pwn this thing all day.
Posted By: channelblaze (6/19/2010 3:00:49 PM)


I like how this guy's been around since the beginning of the game and was the best 6-drop (compared to stuff like Craw Wurm) in a color that was supposed to have the weakest creatures.
I also think it's hilarious that he costs the same as Sea Serpent and was printed in the same early sets.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/20/2010 7:51:28 PM)


Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I like Mahamoti's flavor text. I appreciate that they kept it while giving the card some fresh art.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/21/2011 3:42:13 PM)


Anyone who says this is worth less than 4/5, you have no idea how hard blue had it in the creature department (See Sea Serpent and Vizzerdrix)

Every tournament deck running blue usually had just 4 of these beat sticks to end games or use as a staller for the player to get out combos. 6 toughness was actually more than sufficient to deter many creatures and 5 power is nothing to scoff at

People must be getting spoiled, Sphinx of Jwar Isle is not always 10/10 times better:
- 1 less toughness (Baneslayer can kill Sphinx
- allows looking at the top card of your library (not very useful unless you use clash or some other card that uses similar mechanics)
- Shroud can work against the owner unlike Hexproof

I would say the sphinx is 5/10 times better if you actually use the 2nd ability for something useful

4/5 for longest serving Djinn
Posted By: Paladin85 (8/17/2011 6:54:06 AM)


"Baneslayer Angel? More like Angelslayer Bane! *bitchslap* Let this be a lesson to you, ***!" -Mahamoti Djinn
Posted By: Tiggurix (6/12/2010 2:48:22 PM)


This card is still decent.
Posted By: Messatsunokami (5/23/2009 10:20:51 AM)


As far as blue hitters are concerned it's a classic.
Posted By: DrPompousMD (12/2/2009 9:32:35 AM)


I was going to rate this a 4, and I then I realized this is pretty darn good for a blue, so I give it a solid 4.5. Although Nowadays we have the sphinx of jwar isle which costs the same, and blows this guy out of the water. Still a solid creature though for blue and it's been around since the beginning. Definitely have a different level of respect for the classics.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (3/15/2010 6:40:04 PM)


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