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Spitit Loop isn't much, much better. Those two cards don't do the same thing at all.
Posted By: Belz_ (5/18/2010 4:06:20 PM)


It can't say "Enchanted creature has lifelink" because it doesn't give the enchanted creature lifelink. That's the best part--see, you can play it on the opponent's creature, and you'll still gain the life even though it's their guy. So you'll just gain back whatever damage it deals you. If it just gave lifelink, that wouldn't work. As is, it's underrated, but definitely not bad.

Best thing ever: playing this on the opponent's Plague Spitter.
Posted By: mutantman (4/19/2009 2:38:11 PM)


I think this is significantly better than Lifelink, mainly because its second use is a pacifier.
Posted By: EnV (11/20/2010 1:00:20 PM)


honestly, this card would be bad if it said "Enchanted Creature has Lifelink"... or at least it would be bad once the new 2010 rules come into effect.

Now, once 2010 hits, this card still gives your Rhox War Monk and other lifelinkers double lifelink, even though lifelink can no longer stack. I love the way the wording on this card is, and Im glad it doesnt say "Enchanted Creature has Lifelink"
Posted By: EpicSeven (6/22/2009 4:59:26 PM)


Here's another reason (some might say a much better reason) why it doesn't say "Enchanted creature has lifelink": Because lifelink gives the creature's controller life equally to the damage it does... This card gives the enchantment's controller life equally to the damage the enchanted creature does. Soooo... play this on your opponent's Baneslayer Angel, it will but unable to reduce your life (but it will still increase your oppenent's life). Or you can play it on some creature of these that you just don't want attacking or blocking with... let's say Woolly Thoctar.

EDIT: Sorry folks... didn't read the prior comments.
Posted By: gcilley (2/13/2010 11:03:42 AM)


I have an inkling that most people don't realize you can enchant ANY creature with this, including your enemy's. Shut down an 8/8 for White, and gain 8 life whenever it blocks? It's a great card, especially when combined with some good "whenever you gain life, X" abilities. Come now.
Posted By: Discoduck (1/6/2010 7:14:51 PM)


Top 10 Enchantment-Aura (enchant creature) cards:
1. Rancor 2. Pacifism 3. Treachery 4. Blanchwood Armor 5.Armadillo Cloak 6. Faith's Fetters 7. Spirit Link 8. Control Magic 9. Pillory of the Sleepless 10. Soul Link
These are in no particular order. Also, they have garnered at least 4 star ratings.
Posted By: liir007 (8/14/2009 7:09:50 PM)


All these comments about putting this on an opponent's creature, and nobody, not even TheWrathOfShane, mentions that you do this in order to get attackers through.

"I swing with my 3/2 and my 1/2. Care to block with that 6/6?"

// "yeah, mayb--"

"Remember, if you do, I'll gain six life off Spirit Link."

// "....*sigh* ok, I'll take the 4."

It's more interesting than Pacifism because it plays headgames with your opponent. Pacify their 5/5 and they treat it as gone, and play accordingly. Spirit Link their 5/5 and they agonize over every combat decision--their neutralized creature actually becomes more present in their mind, rather than less, resulting in more bad decisions or play mistakes.

Also, Alpha Brawl. For the lulz.
Posted By: Salient (1/27/2013 12:10:32 AM)


Majinara is dead wrong. Lifelinkers have won me more games than I can count, along with Luminous Wake (maybe on a Guard Gomazoa) and other lifegain. To top it all off, my win condition is usually Transcendent Master, getting me back all the life I lost waiting for/defending him.
It may not completely win you the game, but at the same time it can let you recover from more aggressive decks. Getting this onto your opponent's 7/7 trampler, even if you only have 8 life, will save you. Luminous Wake will disable your opponent's attackers, or let you get a beneficial chump block on a one-turn pumped swinger. In GW, put this on a regenerating creature and watch the life flow in. Using Cradle of Vitality can give you the massive creatures to outclass and eventually destroy your opponent's creatures. There is even one card (that I know of) that causes you to win by having enough life.
Overall, I have to ... (see all)
Posted By: Shieldman (6/8/2010 1:16:32 PM)


this and vamperic Link on any creature with a pyroclasm ability results in massive life gain. Cards like Oros, the Avenger, Infected Vermin, and Skirk Fire Marshal make the most out of this because they take small increments of damage, and turn it into a massive gain.
Posted By: darkfury (9/3/2009 9:03:15 AM)


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