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"You laugh at me, I wrath at you."
Posted By: Gelzo (3/11/2012 3:42:03 PM)


they should have done an Orzhov reprint of this where the WoG sphere and the Damnation sphere collide exiling all permanents, then my life would be complete.
Posted By: Osprey_93 (2/14/2013 5:15:55 PM)


It'd be cool of Wizards to give this back in Theros block somewhere.
Posted By: StreamHopper (7/30/2013 1:09:09 AM)



Merciless Eviction.
Posted By: Knightaru (4/17/2013 11:18:27 PM)


This card fits into white not only because of 'Balance' but because of the order it creates. Disorder is impossible if everything is gone.

Great card, Great control.
Posted By: Battlingbean (7/23/2010 7:28:51 PM)


@jilting_joker: "all creatures" means that it doesn't bother to target, it just hits everyone. Like a nuke, you don't have to target the person you want to hit, as long as you're nuking the right city.

So shroud and hexproof don't protect. It neither targets nor damages, so protection doesn't help.
But it does destroy so indestructible works, you are correct. And phasing does too, because they're just plain not there to be hit.

@use643: It's only strictly better if you have no creatures with regeneration.

If you have creatures with regeneration and your opponent doesn't, it's strictly worse.
Posted By: Kingreaper (12/21/2011 3:23:25 AM)


Wrath of God makes all other removal sad
Posted By: Ajani_is_da_man (3/14/2010 12:18:24 PM)


Now this card is iconic and classic all at once. I have used this card to turn the tables on my brother then any other. I play a mono white deck, with mostly soldiers. And he uses a high powered green/red deck.

My favorite hat trick with this card, was to reserve enough mana against my brother to play Wrath of God and Indestructability at the same time. I used Indestrutability to enchant Reya Dawnbringer... and then used Wrath of God to wipe out all of our creatures. (And my brother had already played most of his powerful green creatures) After that, it was just a matter of whittling away his health while returning my creatures to play.
Posted By: Man-in-the-Hat (9/25/2009 10:15:44 AM)


@Kamidii no, Wrath of God doesn't target. In Magic, the only things that target are those that specifically have the word "target" in the card (or the Oracle text).

i.e. The Abyss targets, but Call to the Grave does not.

If the word "target" does not appear, the card does not target. (the only exception, which I'm mentioning just for completeness' sake, is Enchantment - Aura cards, because Aura cards always target something as you cast them. "Aura" is just a shorthand for "this enchantment targets something".)
Posted By: FieryBalrogs (1/3/2011 2:09:03 PM)


I hate this card. Turn four against most of Standard in 2005 was your deadline to win by. Still, to give it anything less than 5 stars is silly.
Posted By: Polychromatic (3/1/2011 8:35:06 PM)


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