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This is a great, cheap (money wise) mana fixer for budget players. The side effect of shuffling your library works great with many cards like Silvan Library.
Posted By: Stuntman (5/25/2009 1:31:02 PM)


It is a Rampant Growth at the cost of ONE mana = you save one mana, and get to search for land type you need
Posted By: Lexew (5/2/2009 8:55:24 AM)


The only thing bad about this card is that the land card comes into play tapped
Posted By: burnout97 (6/7/2009 2:32:47 PM)


Reasonably good mana fixing.

I reckon it could see use in standard once Lowyn block rotates if it's reprinted in M2010.
Posted By: Studoku (6/13/2009 5:25:40 PM)


I've got this card in my deck as a help card...Not very useful but look at it's Flavor Text...
Cool huh?
Posted By: macic666 (2/28/2009 3:59:24 AM)


Hooray! Those of us not made of money can start making rainbow decks!
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (12/11/2010 11:18:39 AM)


This is affordable (both CMC and $) mana-fixing. You're not going to top-eight with terramorphic expanse or Evolving Wilds--they're not as good as fetch lands. But they serve the purpose of affordable mana-fixing for budget players. Wizards should know those players make up a large portion of its audience and continue to print cards like this.
Posted By: HoboNumber4 (3/17/2011 11:28:07 AM)


One day, in a more awesome world, Wizards will print a version of this without the land-enters-battlefield-tapped restriction. The restriction to basic land is enough to ensure it wouldn't eclipse the classic fetchlands entirely.

Still a must-have in casual, where busting out Polluted Delta is like bringing a stereograph to a Youtube party.
Posted By: Salient (1/17/2012 2:28:13 AM)


Just shuffling your library can be very powerful. Look at ponder, sage of epityr, etc. Their drawback is that eventually you will draw everything you saw. Shuffle your library at the right time, and that drawback goes away.

Also, if you are running 20 lands, by the time you crack 4 of these, you only have 12 lands left in your deck instead of 16, so your chance of a dead draw just went down by 25%.
Posted By: jonrds (4/8/2014 1:23:08 AM)