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In a token deck this is just plain sick.
Posted By: Shabla (11/23/2009 3:18:37 AM)


Ach! Hans, run! It's the color-shifted Keldon Warlord!
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (10/17/2010 10:35:47 AM)


@theis999: Try Primal Rage. You're probably running mass tokens with +1/+1 lords or enchantments, so adding trample to your army seems pretty obvious.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (1/16/2011 6:12:54 PM)


Because he lacks protection, you shouldn't be using him as a beater. Instead, use Knotvine Paladin as the beater for your token deck and use this guy as your game winner. Running Green or White gives you access to all sorts of Instant 1-turn protection cards and Mirrorweave. The Pro cards will fizzle at least one of your opponent's kill cards and will probably give you enough time to attack with the Scion. Mirrorweave will give you something like 8 8/8 creatures, given that you're running a token deck, which should be enough to kill your opponent in one turn, bar a fog, or Ghostly Prison (which are always the bane of creature-heavy decks). Furthermore, your opponent's creatures are now X/X creatures with no abilities (short of those granted by equipment/enchantments) and will therefore be smaller than your creatures (meaning that your opponent will be losing a lot of creatures when he blocks). As an added bonus, Mirrorweave can be... (see all)
Posted By: Calver (1/17/2011 10:45:20 AM)


You guys seriously think a 3 cmc creature with an ability this ridiculous needs some sort of built-in evasion/ easy button? Come on! It'd be playing the game for you. Even in plain old mono-green, there are plenty of easy ways to give him trample/ protect him. Fists of Ironwood anyone? Vines of Vastwood? Canopy Cover? etc.

You put him in a deck that can pump out lots of cheap creatures relatively early, and he's gold - a finisher at 3 mana with the right deck build.
Posted By: Discoduck (3/10/2011 10:15:36 PM)


and finally, doomblade seems okay.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/23/2009 10:21:48 PM)


amazing combo with ant queencombined with doubling season
Posted By: froggytherock (5/1/2010 4:15:35 PM)


The mana is good and the art IS amazing; he's too easy to pick off tho, esp if you don't have many creature out. Really needs shroud or atleast a Shielding Plax because his ability puts an automatic target on his foerhead. Works great in decks that generate mass amount of tokens. :D
Posted By: cadenblade (8/31/2009 10:40:22 PM)


Lord of Extinction must be his archenemy.
Posted By: Arachnos (9/13/2012 9:20:34 PM)


This Art Is Killer And The Mana Cost Is Great Plus Creature Decks Should Be The Only Decks
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (5/23/2009 1:05:12 PM)


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