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Search up a creature and still have enough mana to play that creature.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/27/2010 9:37:18 AM)


Digs deep into your library, personally I would find it much better if you didn't have to reveal the card, that way your opponent wouldn't know what was coming...that said it's still library manipulation in {G} for cheap, which isn't very common. A card similar to this one is Ancient Stirrings, which is also awesome...especially because it can be used to fetch colourless creatures, lands (both basic and non-basic) and artifacts as well as any colourless instants (such as Ghostfire)
Posted By: tcollins (7/27/2011 10:38:21 PM)


This seems like a pretty good card except you generally want to play it in the early stages because of the one mana cost, yet usually you have a creature in hand during that time. Later in the game it could be better because it can help find your big creature and put it on the field, only paying 1 mana to find it.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/1/2009 12:44:07 AM)


Green Sun's Zenith is generally better if you're playing a mono-green deck, although you do get punished more if GSZ is countered.
Posted By: Henrietta (6/1/2011 2:14:53 PM)


I'm currently building a creature heavy tri-colored deck and have a hard time deciding whether i prefer this or Worldly Tutor.
The latter can get any creature for certain including those i only run once and can be used at instant-speed.
This one just lets me choose from the top five, but could be regarded as a restricted cantrip version instead.
Maybe i'll also play Brainstorm or Ponder instead, since these allow keeping the top cards in good order as well.

Now if Commune with Nature's cards would be put on top, this would be crazy good!

@tcollins: Any kind of cards that make you search for cards with certain characteristics are always revealed to keep players from cheating (by picking a noncreature card in this case, for example). Only unrestricted effects of that sort aren't revealed since in this case it's impossible to cheat obviously, like Diabolic Tutor.
Posted By: Mode (8/8/2011 1:32:59 PM)


As an inclusion in a deck that is meant to be heavily packed with creatures, Commune with Nature becomes a non-creature inclusion to that deck. Since Commune with Nature only finds creatures, there is a chance you will see lands and other copies of this spell on top.
I guess it depends on what you're playing. For aggro, this could be fine, though I'd probably prefer a one drop creature, especially in stompy. But I wouldn't call this a tutor effect strong enough to play in toolbox or combo. Worldly will cost you a card, but never misses. If you want to play this mid to lategame for green creatures I would suggest Green Sun's Zenith over this, but its not always better.

Where this really looks like it can shine is in a draft or sealed control deck with creature bombs! Though I've only drafted Tenth edition once.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/4/2011 8:10:07 PM)


Awesome late-game when you're trying to get your big beaters online and you have enough mana to slap down your Titans or Colossi or whatever.
Posted By: Jannissary (2/12/2012 7:53:52 PM)