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Cantrips in green at instant speed. Not half as bad as its rating suggests.
Posted By: Gako (7/31/2010 10:44:35 PM)


Primal Boost is better. On that one, you have the option of a powerful trick if the +1/+1 isn't big enough. If it is, than this is quite useful. It just usually isn't.
Posted By: rubber (3/12/2010 8:00:19 PM)


Well, it's better than Chaotic Strike at least, as mentioned Primal Boost is more flexible in more situations, and as such as a trade-off has a higher converted mana cost of {2}{G} for essentially the same effect. However I'd prefer Primal Boost since it can give +4/+4 when necessary and the cycling effect is much more difficult to counter than an Aggressive Urge casted from hand.
Posted By: tcollins (1/18/2011 5:36:27 PM)


Aside from Primal Boost, Naya Sojourners provides a permanent +1/+1 cantrip at 1 more.
Posted By: VampireCat (5/26/2011 11:09:05 AM)


Sorry, BalonyPony, but your "combo" there is... well... Baloney!! Walking Archive causes card draw to the number of +1/+1 counters on it, not raw P/T.
Posted By: Arglypuff (11/2/2010 12:11:03 AM)


Pwnd by Unnatural Predation
Posted By: novasun (4/11/2011 10:38:41 PM)


Great card. Use it on Walking Archive for extra card advantage.
Posted By: BalonyPony (12/29/2009 1:53:49 AM)


Play on Lorescale Coatl.

Primal Boost's added cost makes it less desirable, although I have to admit it's a solid card.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/6/2011 1:33:49 PM)


@Rubber: If the cycling cost was 1Green you could make that case
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/21/2012 9:29:50 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!