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Oh red, known for creatures that CAN'T BLOCK, or only be blocked by two or more, can't make up your mind? Reguardless a very balanced card, very happy to see so many Viashino since Mirage, and a decently playable common outside a mono colored deck that focuses on the Viashino theme:) Lizard man forever!
Posted By: Sumai4444 (10/12/2010 7:43:39 PM)


I agree; I like "attack each turn if able" much better than "can't block", since the latter is already in black.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (12/31/2010 5:50:38 AM)


awesome you need two creatures
Posted By: sorin688 (3/19/2011 8:15:20 AM)


I like this kind of evasion in red much more than Intimidate. They should keyword it!
With Intimidate, one creature can be blocked or can't be blocked, there isn't much thinking, but with this, the opponent must do some suboptimal block, in order to block this creature. It's chump-proof usually and if blocked can get card advatage...
Moreover, for me it's more flavouful: the red attacking creature seems like that Rugby player that is going to score a try and needs two opponents to tackle him because one is not enough!
We need more of this in red.

Beside, I like "must attack each turn" as a red combat drawback, "can't block" as the black one, and "Flying that can block only flying" as the blue one. They seems really flavourful!
Posted By: leomistico (2/26/2014 9:15:35 AM)


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