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Great card for burn decks, this one really used to give me fits when I was playing against it. Tough to deal with, so virtually anything you do in the meantime damages you.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/2/2010 7:16:54 AM)


great card if you are not need land to win the game like my extended goblin deck
one less casting cost would be excellent
Posted By: vadaaaa (7/12/2010 5:47:28 AM)


It really killed Jund (what were they gonna do, Bituminous Blast something?) and would probably hurt the Primeval Titan decks today if it were to stay.

Creates a fun little mini-game of who's gonna get down to 1 first and be stranded there. Burn decks have an edge, as well as decks with artifact / elf mana sources, and more importantly decks with low average cmc. Who's the winner is also a function of the life totals when you put this down. Describing the function and probability trends would be way too complicated, so let's just say Manabarbs creates many funny situations that no other cards can.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (11/25/2010 12:24:41 AM)


So this is why they made Moxes }:-)
Posted By: novasun (12/8/2010 4:46:10 PM)


Sphere of Law. You take damage and I don't. Ha ha!
Posted By: TheHandyman (1/26/2011 10:25:45 AM)


Manabarbs did what Armageddon Clock tried to do: Put the game on a clock. More than any other card from Revised, with perhaps the exception of Pestilence, Manabarbs sped up the game. This enchantment hurts everyone, but there are ways around it. Llanowar Elves, Birds of Paradise, Sol Ring, and to a lesser extent Wild Growth can all help you get mana without having to tap (as many) lands. And while Circle of Protection: Red and Guardian Angels can't help you, cards like Samite Healer, Healing Salve, Reverse Damage, and Simulacrum can all buy you some extra time.
But Gaussgoat is right about the main strength of this card, which is to make burn decks faster. While there may be several ways to lessen the damage you're taking from the Ba... (see all)
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (2/19/2014 8:10:52 PM)