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The biggest thing with this sliver has yet to be mentioned: Vintage Flash Hulk! Turn one: Island, remove Elvish Spirit guide from the game to add G, play Flash, put out Protean Hulk, sac it and search for Heart Sliver and 4 Virulent Sliver. All five slivers swing in, deal 5 damage, opponent gets 20 poison counters.
Posted By: rubber (12/14/2009 4:46:18 PM)


I've recently seen hive stone played very well against slivers. Still, I would never take a sliver deck for granted, and I love the poisonous play.
Posted By: Chrs84 (10/30/2009 7:53:37 PM)


@despisedicon They did. Virulent Sliver and Heart Sliver were one of the Win-Conditions for the Protean Hulk-Flash deck
Posted By: Razbot (10/16/2010 10:19:04 AM)


@blurrymadness: you may be right: Amrankwit38 espouses poison, made card comments only in 2008, and is an anagram for 'Mark Twain'. Hmmmm...
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/6/2011 11:12:13 AM)


lets stop the silly comments and just put it right down

this is a 1/1 sliver for G that is by it's self overpowered.
and crazy knight is wrong it works the same way as flanking and does stack otherwise the 1 (beside the poisonous) would be silly.
Posted By: thaviel (11/24/2011 12:20:44 PM)


Virulent Sliver combos best with Virulent Sliver and Virulent Sliver.
Its support of Virulent Sliver is also well known. The best thing is, no one expects Virulent Sliver after seeing you play a Virulent Sliver- Who in their right mind would?- but then you drop Virulent Sliver AND Virulent Sliver, and they have shat themselves in awe of your strategy.
And don't even get me started on how good it is to combo this with virulent sliver! Sure, maybe the Virulent Sliver combo is better, but sty|e is everything.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/14/2011 3:38:43 AM)


The poison does stack. You read it like it has two instances of poisonous 1.

This silver has poisonous 1 (add one counter)
This sliver has poisonous 1 (add one counter)

You read the first one and add the poison counter and then move the the second one. The only reason trample and vigilance are redundant is because if you applied the same rule it doesn't add anything. Take Lymph Sliver for example. Having two out would double the adsorb ability. That's how having two Plated Slivers gives all your slivers 0/+2 if you didn't apply the above rule the plus 0/+1 would be redundant.

All slivers get 0/+1
All slivers get 0/+1

O By the way I love this card! I always tried to used poisonous cards before but I could never get them to work. But poisonous slivers that are unblockable via Shifting Sliver works and works very well. Magic really need to add some anti poison counter cards. Like an artifact called "Anti Serum" ... (see all)
Posted By: blindcansee (7/8/2009 1:20:19 AM)


One of, if not, the best new sliver printed. This sliver can quickly end games, specially coupled with mutavault and heart sliver.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (11/29/2009 7:45:32 PM)


Poison?? Wha!

Me loves the poisonous ways of Magic. When this first hit, I was stunned. Not only did poison return (a feat in itself), but it did so as a new keyword. So it was a 1/1 for G, with Poisonous. Neat. Wait...is this also a Sliver? How could this be? How on earth could my sliver deck just have gotten a One-drop, that gave the entire hive Poisonous? WotC Magic, that's how.

No sooner than saying that did I realize, it's a timeshifted card..from the Future! Will Poison come back as a theme? Slivers? Poisonous slivers? OMG!

This is a Great piece of cardboard!
Posted By: Amrankwit38 (12/1/2008 12:07:18 AM)



This sliver is neat in that he gives slivers an alternate win condition from straight damage dealing and that he's an offensive sliver 1 drop.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/23/2011 12:08:08 PM)


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