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I don't know why you think this isn't better than naturalize. You just pointed out that it saves you the mana AND it'll pull threat off that Lurking Predators you wanna play later. They'll pop your seal so yo don't pop their enchantment with it then you drop the predators once they wasted their side-decked 2-of naturalize. It has utility and mind games to it, making it better than some stupid Jund naturalize turn cards sideways boring standard play. 4/5 only because it stole its glory from Seal of Cleansing the same way Naturalize stole its glory from Disenchant.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (5/31/2010 4:44:15 AM)


Verduran Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress are why you would use this over Disenchant/Naturalize. With Skull of Orm you can infinite destroy enchant/artifact.

Clearly its not strictly better or worse, but it has its purpose.
Posted By: Names_Suck (9/16/2010 11:49:48 PM)


"Alright everybody! Don't try nothin funny!"

..also makes a great combo with Naturalize.
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (2/24/2011 3:41:11 PM)



How? With a Mycosynth Lattice? That's a pretty tough play for just one card...
Posted By: SweetoothTKC (12/23/2011 12:00:43 AM)


Sweettooth: Lattice is overshooting, all you'd need is Ashnod's Transmogrant.

It would be a supremely bizarre combo to use, though. Might be funny in EDH.
Posted By: Salient (12/30/2011 1:36:17 PM)


People tend to overlook the fact that Seals can be played before any threat is on the board, either make your opponent hesitate to play anything or to destroy an otherwise hard to kill artifact (like an Isochron Scepter with a Counterspell on it).
Posted By: Cyberium (12/31/2011 6:37:33 PM)


Why don't people realize that this card is good? Popping this to destroy something happens at instant-speed...

This is a one time investment that actually means more than other types of removal because you can leave this to sit on the board. You don't have to invest that mana ever again.
Posted By: wholelottalove (11/5/2012 11:45:26 AM)


This is a different card then naturalize. In some situations it can read "Your opponent cant play any cards named sword of _ and _" Huge tempo advantage and creates dead draws.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/11/2012 12:26:28 AM)


This is better in multi-player than Naturalize because this can be used as a deterrent. You can threaten to pop it on people that aren't nice to you :)
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (1/13/2011 11:47:12 PM)


I don't understand why some people prefer this to naturalize. As far as i can tell, the seal has two things going for it: you can spend the mana whenever you have it available instead of when you actually use it, and it can have enchantment related synergy (dowsing shaman, sigil of the empty throne, whatever.) But just for answering artifacts and enchantments, naturalize is first of all an instant (sure, you can activate the seal as an instant, but only after you've cast it at sorcery speed.) Also, if your opponent has an important artifact or enchantment, before they play it, they can destroy the seal with their own naturalize or seal or whatever.

and in any case krosan grip is much better, and i personally would prefer some card advantage like mystic melting, filigree fracture or acidic slime.

edit: I mean simply as far as removing artifacts/enchantments, any other synerg... (see all)
Posted By: metalevolence (1/16/2011 2:00:28 AM)


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