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Giggle. I'll just move your pacifism somewhere else, now...
Posted By: Belz_ (5/15/2010 4:07:55 PM)


Best when your opponent is playing Control Magic-type auras.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/8/2010 2:06:28 AM)


Actually, Mode, gaining control of an Eldrazi Conscription wouldn't be the worst thing to do.
if they attack with that creature you are able to sacrifice it as one of the two permanents before any damage would be dealt.
It was (rules) "tech" when playing a Mythic Conscription deck and your creature was taken.
Posted By: SIlverSkyz (8/21/2011 4:36:47 PM)


I would love this in to be reprinted in the Theros Block
Posted By: tokrazy (10/7/2013 7:57:52 PM)


Posted By: Shadoflaam (1/3/2012 6:01:12 PM)


Great. It's cheap, it's instant speed, and it can really mess someone up when played on an aura like Eldrazi Con***ion (stupid censors). I say the flavor text every time i play it, it just adds insult to injury.
Posted By: divine_exodus (5/12/2011 7:04:30 PM)


or enchant permanents with shroud!
Posted By: Tezz (8/7/2010 1:40:34 PM)


Such a very, very marginal use.
I would even think twice about putting this in my sidedeck if it was a cantrip for Blue.

Only few decks (to beat) run enchantments, let alone auras. (Even removal like Journey to Nowhere is just a global enchantment for example, and you won't see anyone running Pacificsm if he can have that or exile spells for White instead)

And even if it finds a target, you probably still don't have the right permanent to attach it to so you can benefit from this spell. (In the case of Eldrazi Conscrîption for example, it won't help you getting control of this aura if you don't have a creature on your side.)

It could be a nice spell in an aura-specific block, but in general this is often just a dead card.
Posted By: Mode (8/1/2011 2:46:36 AM)


Ok, so here's a question: Let's say there's an aura enchanting an aura. What happens if you move the "bottom" aura off its original target and onto the aura enchanting it. Now you have two auras enchanting each other. Do will they just slide into the graveyard, having nothing "solid" and the bottom of the enchanting chain, or will they form some bizarre aura equilibrium?

Could you make an aura circle this way? For example: you have a Moat enchanted with a Feedback enchanted with a Power Taint enchanted with a Steal Enchantment enchanted with a Power Leak. You use Aura graft to attach the feedback to the power leak.

Pointless? probably. Possible? That's what I'd like to know.
Posted By: Krudge (2/1/2013 1:21:31 AM)


I really wish this had worked on Enchant Player auras. It would have been funny to slap people's Curses on themselves.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/7/2013 6:31:43 AM)


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