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"Unlike every other card in the power 9, this one is unsafe at any manacost."

Counterpoint: Temporal Cascade.
Posted By: scumbling1 (5/4/2011 4:43:19 PM)


@Nikeyeia: Just replace all of the Lightning Bolts with a single Braingeyser or Fireball (as when there was no 4-card restriction, the minimum deck size was 40).
Posted By: mtkaim (8/20/2013 4:28:11 AM)


Oldschool deck time!

20x Black Lotus
20x Lightning Bolt
20x Timetwister

Wins above 95% of the times.
Posted By: Nikeyeia (5/17/2010 5:10:25 AM)


A great card, a semi-reset button if you will, allows you to regain your hand plus your graveyard...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 7:32:51 PM)


to all of you who are stating that Timetwister is overhyped, I highly doubt your ever owned and played with one. In a deck with Windfall, Wheel of Fortune, and Memory Jar, with the rest of the power and other fast mana like Vaults, Sol Ring and Dark Rituals this card spanks people, you cast it with ease. I spent many a first turns droping a blue dual and two moxes, or a mox and a sol ring or Mana Crypt or whatever, I then cast Twister refill my hand and possibly do more right away with other moxen floating around, at worst case I drew force of wills, counters and drains, I still had control.

at 2U to cast Timetwister can ruin someones day, I remember watching an opponent mulligan his hand down to 5 cards to get his combo in his hand, so I Timetwistered and he folded, true story.
Posted By: Pontiac (3/22/2011 3:41:02 PM)


i twisted your time, i got you good
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 7:21:13 AM)


This card is unsafe? Apparently no one else plays Underworld Dreams, Vercursion, or any other get me everything back to create and infinite loop with Regrowth that along with City of Solitude is un-breakable...
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (3/13/2010 12:59:35 PM)


Unlike every other card in the power 9, this one is unsafe at any manacost. Just having this effect on hand is insane.
Posted By: Gilgiga (3/1/2010 5:06:49 PM)


Nikeyeia you could have any number any one card in the olden days wow...
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/4/2011 3:06:30 PM)


Lotus Petal still got Banned.
Mox Diamond still made it to the Vault.
The Artifact Lands were kind of like Moxen, actually, and they got Banned,
and even without Affinity would have still comboed with Tolarian Academy.
PONDER is too good, let alone Brainstorm,let alone Ancestral Vision etc. etc.
Time Warp appears to be 'safe', but still great in any deck that plays Blue.

Time Reversal? Of the Power 9, this one's cost was increased the least for its 'Modern' version, and yet remains the weakest doing exactly the same thing for just 1U more when Time Walk's effect or Draw 3 cards will cost you at least 3-5 times as much as the Power versions. I'm not saying this thing isn't good-it's one of the best cards in the game. Just that of all the Power 9, mana cost seems to matter the most on this one.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/6/2012 9:38:38 PM)