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Apparently, you can match a grizzly bear in battle with theories.

Power and toughness really seem to defy reason sometimes.
Posted By: Gelzo (12/19/2010 11:23:12 PM)


3rd turn 12/12 trample annihilator 2 with Eldrazi Conscr ip tion? I think I just found my new deck.
And if nothing else, Mythic Proportions can also do the trick!
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/29/2010 2:17:38 PM)


Big F-ing Aura says "Hi, I'm a 12/12 trampler with annihilator 2 on turn 3".
Posted By: Vinifera7 (5/18/2010 10:18:59 PM)


Fool's Demise best friends
Posted By: Titobaube (3/28/2010 3:44:13 PM)


Academy Researchers + Fool's Demise + Blasting Station = Infinite Damage
Posted By: lordof1000mimes (3/3/2011 1:34:58 AM)


this + followed footsteps
Posted By: Layton (2/9/2010 10:59:45 PM)


Could pull off turn two pretty consistently with Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise.

Add Not Of This World for that pesky removal.
Posted By: Graphec (11/26/2010 10:13:09 PM)


1st turn. Forest, birds of paradise or Noblie Hierarch
2nd turn. Island, Academy Researchers, Eldrazi Conscr iption.
You now have a 12/12 with annihilator 2 and trample on the second turn. Your opponent better have a disenchant or they are dead.
Posted By: kookster (1/1/2011 11:12:50 AM)


I'd rather go

T1: Plains, Enlightened Tutor
T2: Island, Lightning Greaves
T3: Island, Academy Researchers w/ Eldrazi Conscription

but I'm not a very interesting person.
Posted By: Ragamander (12/3/2011 1:35:56 AM)


to be fair same can be said about everything there is board wipers for everything pretty much anything i was using these guys in my magemark deck really handy saved me 3 mana
Posted By: aba1 (1/2/2010 10:20:13 PM)


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