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The combo I'd go with is Leveler + this + any sacrifice outlet. Is it a terrible, terrible combo? Yes. Is it still hilarious? Yes.
Posted By: Dragon_Nut (10/26/2011 6:28:58 PM)


I wish it had a bigger effect than simply skipping the draw step. There might actually be a point to this card.
Posted By: mdakw576 (2/28/2010 11:35:51 PM)


I have seen this creature used to keep enchantments on the battlefield that check for creatures. It prevents board wipes from making the controller sacrifice the enchantment. Otherwise, it's just a very annoying card as it returns at end of turn so it doesn't suffer from summoning sickness.
Posted By: igniteice (3/28/2013 10:36:33 AM)


h00d1um: No, because it comes back into play under its owners control, which is you. When it dies under their control the first time they do lose their draw step, though.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (1/17/2010 5:37:44 PM)


what the point of exiling is?
it prevents your opponent from getting the rare opportunity of a soft-lock caused by destroying this bird every turn, which would prevent you from drawing any further cards in case you don't have any other possiblilities to do so.
yet it would be fun if there was a possibility to donate this card every turn to your opponent and try to do this...but then, again, he/she might just use that ability...

this new Ivory Gargoyle is just as overcosted in red as it used to be in white.
nontheless i love how the artwork of this timeshifted card has a very similar setup to the original one.
Posted By: Mode (10/29/2009 8:06:01 PM)


@A3Kitsune: I have never, in my whole life thought that phoenix even COULD be female. Now that I think about it, it would have to be. You gave me new look on life.
Posted By: bansheemane (11/17/2011 10:54:57 AM)


Well, the obvious purpose for this is for Zedruu EDH.

As Tanaka said, you get it back when it dies, but they lose their draw step. It's perfect when you have a few drawing rocks (Howling Mine/Font of Mythos).

That being said, don't give it to someone who's playing red. Players are already going to be inclined to get rid of your donated creatures. You don't need to give them more chances to do so.
Posted By: Ferlord (5/27/2013 8:36:32 AM)


This is the timeshifted version of Ivory Gargoyle.
Posted By: Zorgrath (7/27/2013 2:15:11 AM)


Bazaar Trader can Donate her (I tend to think of Phoenixes as automatically being female, it just makes sense) each turn.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/4/2010 1:59:22 AM)


if i Donate this to my opponent while i have an AEther Flash in play, then kill this bird in some way, will my opponent ever be able to draw another card? (suppose they arent playing any red)
Posted By: h00d1um (1/10/2010 7:27:55 PM)


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