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@rubber: Yeah, but she's nice for being an elf. And really, how often is popping out a land on your opponent's turn going to matter? Other than with landfall, I mean.
Posted By: littlebeast (2/23/2010 7:58:10 PM)


Underrated. Viable as mana acceleration (barring early bolts, as mana elves are prime targets).
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/11/2009 6:27:06 PM)


Wow... so obvious this is not going to be reprinted with zendikar out.
Posted By: bram-s-wallace (10/7/2009 6:55:34 PM)


Should be paired with draw power, forest cycling, or something that will grant you a great deal of lands to play... Without that, the card's usefulness expires rather quickly, especially if you draw it late. Also, without hast, it doesn't become immediately useful, so its not the best card to have on field first either.

Thus, it's a good card that requires a bit of support.

Base rating: **

good ability that requires support: +*/2
Posted By: Zoah (1/19/2010 6:16:03 PM)


well... one mana counters.
But still, snake is trumped by elf.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/15/2010 8:03:45 PM)


Everythings llanowar elf this llanowar elf that well this is potentially a better one drop for mana acceleration. Reason being this can put you ahead by one mana each turn whereas llanowar elf only puts you ahead once.
Posted By: MDStrawHat (1/17/2010 3:36:00 AM)


Strictly worse than Sakura-tribe Scout. I enjoy the ability to pop a land into play during my opponent's turn when he/she thought I had no mana. Still an ok creature, just not exciting.
Posted By: rubber (10/11/2009 12:44:05 PM)


It looks a lot like walking atlas to me....
Posted By: divine_exodus (3/16/2011 7:27:03 AM)


Should be a Scout as well as being an Elf. Rangers (in Magic) tend to be eather Scouts or Soldiers, and she fits the Scout type better.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (5/19/2010 2:17:11 AM)


Not always better than Llanowar elves. I can't tell you how many times I've started two land in my hand and gotten no use out of this guy.
Posted By: KnoLawjick (7/11/2012 8:06:02 AM)


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