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"Hey! Colossus of Sardia! Are you old? Getting to worn out, can't get out of bed without a proper sacrifice?"
"Then try Voltaic Key! With new-age technology, this tool can make you feel 12 years younger and feel great!"

"Let's hear some comments some users have for Voltaic Key:"

"(Phyrexian Colossus): Every day, I'd wake up, but i couldn't get out of bed. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt like a loser, and my friends were out there, having fun, killing themselves for the cause. That all changed when I got Voltaic Key, and boy, did things change around here. I was smashing through our enemies defences like no other! Thanks Voltaic Key!"

"So order your own Voltaic Key, now in the newest 2011 edition!"

"Because remember: Being untapped is the key to success!"

Yeah, sorry about that...
Posted By: Ferlord (8/18/2011 7:09:02 PM)


He obviously doesn't hold a candle to the Mirrodin Colossi, but back in the day he wasn't bad. There were very few creatures bigger than him, plus the huge untap cost was easily avoided with Instill Energy or Eternal Warrior.
Posted By: SirZapdos (9/8/2011 5:20:27 AM)


Voltaic Construct can make this much more effective.
Posted By: Zulp (9/28/2009 12:17:29 AM)


I love the artwork for this thing, Greg Staples is my favorite artist and I think he did a good job making it as beastly as it is.
Posted By: JanusAurelius (9/14/2009 3:57:23 PM)


Umbral Mantle also.
Posted By: Demage (10/11/2009 11:01:15 AM)


Ah, a good baddy to unlock with a key. Good stuff.
Posted By: Bibblesbun (1/22/2009 5:56:01 PM)


@Paleopaladin - Since the creature was created long before the addition of indestructable, you can't really ret-con it on...

@Neutralion - You're not meant to pay that cost to untap the thing...
Posted By: Alsebra (8/11/2011 1:10:59 AM)


I was happy to see it return in Tenth, although I'm not so keen on the new artwork.
Posted By: stygimoloch (2/15/2009 1:23:21 PM)


Good... if you have another way of untapping Mt Sardia. Seedborn Muse is my recomendation.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/3/2010 2:07:11 AM)


My friend was using this guy as a big, bad creature.
When he payed for its untap to deal the finishing blow,
I cast the Doom Blade I had drawn the turn before.
That 9 cost is a real downer.
Posted By: infernox10 (6/13/2010 9:27:23 AM)


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